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Offbeat Burger, Enzo Burger, Chili Cheese Logs, Spammers Delight and Molten Lava Cake

I have heard lots stories of people searching for the best burger in the Metro and you could even say that I have had my share of some of these sought out burgers. The latest burger innovation I’ve had is on a playing field of its own. At Offbeat Cafe, they take it to the next level by creating burgers and dishes you never would come up with. They pride themselves on their sinfully crafted variations of burgers.

Visit Offbeat Cafe at The Collective in 7274 Malugay Street

The best selling item on their menu is the Offbeat Burger. It first made its debut a little over a year ago at the poplar food market, Mercato Centrale. Just when the food market started gaining popularity, so was the Offbeat Burger.

Offbeat Burger

I am sure you are dying to know all about this burger. The Offbeat Burger (P200) is crazy! First of all, they use a perfect glazed donut instead of an ordinary burger bun. Secondly, the all beef patty they use is so thick and juicy, it is heaven. Add some cheese, bacon, and an egg cooked sunny side up, and you have the famous Offbeat Burger. Definitely a must try for all the burger enthusiasts or just people looking out to try something different.

The concept of this outrageous burger stems from the mind of young Chef and co-owner, Mickey Wineke. Although they still sell their stuff at Mercato, Mickey and his partner Joey Suaco established Offbeat Cafe, which is located at The Collective, Malugay Street, Makati City.The place is very inviting because the ambiance is perfect for chilling out, while it is also known that The Collective is a very tight knit community with lots of interesting happenings.

Aside from the infamous Offbeat Burger, they have other burgers to choose from and all of them come with a huge side of fries. Some of the other extreme burgers on the menu are the Double Offbeat Burger (P250) and the Enzo Burger (P200). The Double Offbeat Burger is the Offbeat Burger with an extra burger patty, while the Enzo Burger is an Ensaymada Chorizo Burger with a cheesy ensaymada bun and a chorizo patty with their special herb cream cheese sauce.

Double Offbeat Burger

The Chili Cheese Logs (P130) are their version of cheese sticks but these bad boys aren’t your average cheese sticks. Not only are they much bigger, they are generously drenched in a special meat sauce, extremely cheesy cheese sauce, and garlic mayo.

Chili Cheese Logs

The Spammers Delight (P130) is their most in demand rice meal. The very popular canned breakfast meat, SPAM, is caramelized served with their special fried rice and either a sunny side up or scrambled egg.

Spammers Delight

After a wild burger you might as well go all out and indulge yourself in some sinful dessert. Their Molten Lava Cake (P150) is their signature dessert, which is decadent chocolate cake topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Offbeat Cafe’s menu may be simple but the choices are insane (in a good way of course!). They also have a Beer Gallery, which is made up of a wide selection of imported and local beers.

Beer Gallery

If you’re looking out to try something new, Offbeat is definitely the place to go!

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Offbeat Cafe

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