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Those who have become endeared fans of Banapple will have another reason to rejoice and say “cheese”, well “Sandwicheese” actually.

GJ and Maricel Jimenez, the husband and wife team who started Banapple have opened another baby called, “Sandwicheese”.

Located right next to the original Banapple along Katipunan Extension, Sandwicheese’s glass interiors make for a sunny and cheerful atmosphere. The little quirky accents of happy replicas of bread add a playful touch. Slices of toast made out of wood frame stuffed versions of toast and round puffy monay, and are all topped with smiley faces, as if they were all saying, “Sandwicheese”.

“Sandwicheese is like the baby brother of Banapple,” said GJ. Five years after the first Banapple opened, GJ and Maricel have added a number of branches around the metro (one opening up in Alabang) to their growing brood. It was time to follow up on the success of Banapple with a baby brother.

Cut from the same cloth but different

“My family and I love cheese and we love sandwiches,” said GJ Jimenez and so they translated these favorites from their home to Sandwicheese. This is actually much like the way the couple started Banapple, with Maricel’s own recipe for Banoffee becoming an instant favorite.

Maricel’s recipes still take center stage in Sandwicheese. Fans can look forward to the same things they enjoy in Banapple; the savory flavors, their comfort food served piping hot and delicious, but this time in a sandwich.

“We’ve been wanting to open a sandwich place where you can get something different other than tuna, chicken or hamburgers,” explained GJ.

With all their tagline: “extra ordinary sauces, salads and sandwiches”, everything on the menu is made with cheese and flavored with a variation of Mira Dip like cheese pimiento, herbed cream cheese and sun-dried tomatoes.

Mira dips

And like any close-knit family, favorites from big sister Banapple also show up on the menu.

Looking at the menu, one can choose from meat sandwicheese, fish sandwicheese, semi-pressed veggie sandwicheese, salads and cold drinks.

A generously stuffed sandwich oozing with sauces and loaded with cheese promises to be the winning formula that will drive people to get to know the younger brother addition to the family.

“Sandwicheese is fiesty, more makulit, like how little brothers typically are,” said GJ.


Signature Frankfurter

Signature Frankfurter (P145)

A crisp and chewy Frankfurter is the bun filler of this sandwich. Sausage lovers will enjoy this Frankfurter for its crispiness; the kind that bites back with a crunch when you sink your teeth into it. A welcome overload of meat sauce and sundried tomato cream cheese squished into the bun will leave you wanting to licking your fingers after you’ve finished eating.

Drippin' Roast Beef

Drippin' Roast Beef (P160)

Banapple’s Beef and Sausage stew makes a special appearance in this rich and savory sandwich. Soft tender roast beef is served up with sundried tomato cream cheese, caramel onions, mozzarella and parmesan, in a cornmeal bun. This is fast becoming one of Sandwicheese’s bestsellers.

Hickory Shredded Pork

Hickory Shredded Pork (P160)

Those craving for a tangy tickle to their taste buds won’t be disappointed with the Hickory Shredded Pork sandwich. Thinly shredded pork and garlic cream cheese, romaine, caramel onions, mozzarella parmesan in a cornmeal bun complete this sandwich.

According to GJ, serving food is all about delighting a customer and creating that “wow moment”. Describing the overload of hot melted cheese, the sauces served steaming and hot and the choice filler of meat, sausage or vegetables that is found in each sandwich, GJ says, “[At Sandwicheese], the wow moment is when the customer opens the sandwich wrapper and sees inside a huge sandwich that you want to eat into right away. At the same time, you don’t know how you can eat it all because of its heaping generous servings.”

Veggie Sandwicheese (semi-pressed)

For those who want something lighter, there are vegetable sandwiches like the Grilled Cheese & Veggies (P150) sandwich. This semi-pressed kind of Panini, combines the crunchiness of sauteed mushrooms and pan-­‐fried bell peppers with sundried tomato cream cheese, caramel onions, mozzarella + parmesan in a wheat bread.

Grilled Cheese & Veggies

There are also French Onion (P130) and Grilled Cheese & Cheese (P120) sandwiches to choose from.

And salads which are also loaded with cheese and Mira dips are also available.

A favorite -- Banapple Potato Salad (P90)—made from boiled potatoes and carrots topped with a sweet tangy creamy dressing is also an option for those who want a side dish.

Cold drinks

Cold slushes are the best accompaniment to these hot mouthwatering sandwiches and Sandwicheese has a handful of favorites like the Dalandan Passion Slush (sweet dalandan and passion fruit) and Pretty Green Slush made from sweet calamansi and mint. Banapple Home made Brewed Iced Tea is also on the menu.

Soon Sandwicheese is going to be serving up chips to go with the Mira dip.

Whatever you choose—tightly wrapped sandwiches, salads or chips and dip, you’re sure to leave smiling and saying, “Sandwicheese”.

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