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If you're a parent like me with a child within the age vicinity of 10, you’ll recognize the impending approach of adolescence with the dilemma of running out of places to eat together.

My daughter, Reese and I, have MBB night (Mama Baby Bonding Night) every week. We usually go to the bookstore or arcade and then eat out. But lately, it’s been getting more and more difficult to find restaurants that are both kid-friendly (attuned to their yet to expand taste buds) and mom-friendly (empathized with mom-budgets).

At this age, kids are too old for fast food chains made happy by buzzing bees or arches, but they’re too young to appreciate fine dining dishes that require a multitude of utensils. In the middle would be high-end fast food franchises, but they’re a bit too pricey to eat in on a regular basis.

I’ve been hard-pressed to find a place where we can have our weekly MBB sessions where we will both be happy, satisfied and full.

And then I found Milky & Sunny, this bright ray of sunshine along East Kapitolyo Drive. The white swirly signage outlined in teal, with an old-fashioned milk bottle in the middle promised it would be a place for those who have not quite grown up yet and for those who don’t want to grow up.

The minute I stepped inside, I was smitten by the teal and white interiors and the character/cartoon paintings on the wall. I was tickled by the pockets of quirkiness in unexpected places like the “Reserved” sign on the table that reads: “I’m taken”.

And of course, the food! The menu had all different kinds of breakfast favorites—cereal, French toast, pancakes, rice offerings--offered everyday, all day.

I had found breakfast utopia.

Milky & Sunny is an amusement park for breakfast lovers; each dish takes you on a gastric ride mixed in with a warm nostalgic feeling of childhood, waking up to slow lazy weekends. Everything comes together in Milky & Sunny.

It’s no surprise that the six partners of Milky & Sunny are all breakfast lovers who longed to have a place where they could eat all their morning-meal-favorite at any time of the day and re-live the happy memories that come with each soothing bite of comfort food.

One of the partners, Bernard Decloedt, shared that most of the recipes at Milky & Sunny are original concoctions or secret family recipes.

Open as early as 7AM, Milky & Sunny was initially one of the few establishments in the area that offered breakfast. It soon became a go-to place for the senior citizens out for their morning jog, the call center crowd ending their shift, yuppies from the nearby offices out for lunch and the village residents who just wanted a break from their usual dinners at home.

“We realized that there are really a lot of people who like breakfast food as much as we do,” said Bernard. “We wanted Milky & Sunny to be a place where you can find all your breakfast favorites served up in unexpected ways.”

And their twists and turns start with the unlimited cereal, which is offered only at Milky & Sunny.

Imagine your favorites Coco Crunch, Honey Stars, Fruit Loops, Corn Flakes and Muesli served bowl after bowl after bowl (Cereal by the bowl - P90, Unlimited cereal - P180) . You can even opt to have them served with skim milk you can freely indulge.

Spam lovers will find another way to enjoy it in the Bacon and Spam Pasta (P180). Penne noodles are served in carbonara sauce and flavored with Spam and crispy bacon bits.

Tapa rice and egg meal

I had the Tapa (P160), with egg, fried rice and topped with garlic bits. It is one of Milky & Sunny’s best selling dishes and is actually a secret family recipe from one of the members and you can choose to have the egg cooked either scrambled or sunny side up.

Breakfast Enchiladas

But the unexpected surprise favorite was the Breakfast Enchiladas (P200). I enjoyed the mix of different flavors and textures are a welcome to the palate which are pinto beans, spinach, mushrooms, tomato, cheese, salsa and cream cheese wrapped in a pan-fried tortilla. They looked like two petite rolls, but they were incredibly filling.

But I think it was my daughter, Reese, who had the most fun. She instantly lit up when her plate of Strawberry and Cream Cheese Pancakes (P140) was served in front of her. She urged me to take pictures quickly so she could sink her teeth into them.

Strawberry and Cream Cheese Pancakes

And sink her teeth into them, she did.

It was so good that it moved her to attempt to deviate from the typical generic tween adjective for everything: awesome.

“You want a taste of heaven?” she asked me. “You have to try this, Mom!”

After clarifying the ingredients, and composing herself, she described the Strawberry and Cream Cheese Pancakes as: triple decker fluffy pancakes, with cream cheese and strawberry jam served with a ball of butter on the side and syrup.

She also had Choco Hazelnut French Toast (P130), which she described as: triangle cut toast, drizzled with chocolate syrup and filled inside with yummy, yummy Nutella.

Choco Hazelnut French Toast

For a self-proclaimed Nutella addict, she described this dish as: perfection.

It was so filling, too. We were certain our tummies expanded a bit not just from being so full, but from being happy. If tummies could smile, ours would be doing just that.

Best of all, with their friendly prices, we can make Milky & Sunny our regular MBB hang-out.

Fun, cheer, and breakfast faves—breakfast utopia at Milky & Sunny.

Milky & Sunny is also available for reservation for private functions and parties.

Additional photos courtesy of Milky & Sunny.

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Milky & Sunny

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