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For me, eating dessert is something akin to a religion. I enjoy traveling from point A to point B (sometimes, I even go beyond point C!) in search of what I feel is the most perfect chocolate cake or the most perfect mango float just because a delicious bit of dessert is more than enough to make my day. I’ve been sampling plenty of confectioneries since my childhood years (thank you, Mum, for jump-starting my addiction), and once I get attached to a certain pastry or a certain brand, I end up becoming a bit of a devotee. Just recently, I stumbled upon the name Sophie’s Mom on a friend’s ‘Like’ page on Facebook, and my curiosity was immediately piqued because the brand promised home-baked goods galore.

Sophie's Mom is along Santol Street in San Antonio Village, Makati

Tonette Rosal, a mother of three girls (Stephanie, Samantha, and yes, Sophie) and self-professed confectionery fan, is the queen of her mini empire of cupcakes, cookies and mochi ice cream. Baking has become her main means of livelihood since the day she decided to quit her desk job to put all her energy into manning a business that used to run on just a made-to-order basis.

Tonette Rosal, a.k.a. Sophie's Mom

It all began with a ball of mochi ice cream at Trader Joe’s.

Rosal’s daughter, Sophie, became such a big fan of the mochi ice cream that she managed to persuade her mother to begin making her own varieties of the said product. Pretty soon, Sophie’s friends were picking up on the hype; home-made mochi ice cream became associated with Miss Tonette herself (“I got these from Sophie’s mom”, “Sophie’s mom made this ice cream”, etc.), hence the name of her business.

As soon as my friend (and photographer for the day) Justin and I arrived at the shop, the first thing I took notice of was the interior, which gave off a vintage dollhouse-y vibe with its baby pink walls with white piping and whimsical display sets. It made me feel like I was Alice lost in Wonderland, and all the pastries were just calling out to me saying, “Eat me! Eat me!”

The first thing Miss Tonette asked us to try was her Red Velvet Cupcake (P50), which is one of her current bestsellers. Justin and I immediately fell in love with the pastry because it was decadent without being overwhelmingly sweet, which pleased me very much because I am quite sensitive when it comes to how sweet my desserts can get. This particular pastry is a moist red velvet cake with chocolate chunks topped off by some sweet-sour cream cheese frosting. Of all the things that we were able to taste, this is definitely the cream of the crop; we each purchased a box of four to take home before leaving the store. Varieties of cupcake flavors include Dulce De Leche, Tres Leches with Fresh Mangoes and Cookie Dough, among others.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

We were also introduced to her Spanish Bread (P12), one of her most sought-out creations. Miss Tonette puts a twist on it by means of a special filling, which, for me, tasted like pastillas or dulce de leche. She also mentioned that customers troop into the bakery as early as 8am just to be able to get a hold of this product because it is easily sold out. Aside from this, she also sells other kinds of bread such as Hazelnut Praline Sweet Buns (P10), Mini Baguettes (P5) and Ensaymada (P35).

Spanish Bread

Hazelnut Praline Sweet Buns

Mini Baguettes


A trip to Sophie’s Mom can’t be considered as a success without a taste of their famous Mochi Ice Cream (P40). Justin and I were each treated to a piece of the Cookie Dough flavored one, which I think made his day since he’s particularly fond of mochi himself. As soon as it is taken out of the freezer, you have to give it a few minutes to thaw out so you can eat it with ease. I have tried mochi ice cream before, but as of now, I don’t think anything can top this because it is made from scratch with all natural flavors. Their mochi ice cream can last up to a month in the freezer, so feel free to stock up on what you feel you can finish within that time frame.

Mochi Ice Cream

Finally, we helped ourselves to some Oreo Cheesecake Cookies (P50), which are Miss Tonette’s newest additions to her ever-growing arsenal of baked goods. It’s like eating an oreo cheesecake without wanting to push the plate aside to save the rest for later, because it is not too sweet and the size is just right for something you just want to pop in before leaving the house. She was encouraging us to try her other products, but we were both too full to go on.

Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

I highly recommend Sophie’s Mom to my fellow dessert enthusiasts. Her products are unique, home-made as well as tasty without being too overwhelming, and Miss Tonette herself is a very accommodating and approachable hostess. So, if ever someone walks up to me to ask where I got my box of delicious Red Velvet Cupcakes, I’m just going to say, “I bought these from Sophie’s mom.”

Photos by Justin De Jesus.

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