A Sweet And 'Sinful' Christmas

Naughty and nice. Even Santa Claus presented himself as such in the luscious array of festive treats from Sinfully by Makati Shangri-La.

Prepare to be greeted by festive treats as you enter the shop.

Since their opening in September this year, the shop continues to flirt with our senses with its irresistible line of pralines, creamy macarons (P45 each/P270 for abox of 6), delectable designer cakes and signature cookies. This holiday season, the shop’s Chocolate room displays captivating Christmas goodies including a 3-foot chocolate Santa Claus and a scrumptiously baked gingerbread house, specially handcrafted to entice the palate. From the Chocolate Room, more tempting holiday goodness flows throughout the shop and fills it with unique creations like chocolate puzzles, chocolate CDs, chocolate shoe, chocolate snowman, chocolate angels, chocolate candles, chocolate bells, and all chocolate treats you can never imagine. And because you wouldn’t want to leave the shop without sharing your sinful experience, they offer a delightful selection of Holiday Hampers for you to take home or to give away which are elegantly presented in either a velvety-lined hamper or in a native festive basket – perfect to complete the holiday feast.

Delightful Gingerbread Santa

Elaborately designed gingerbread house is great to have on the Christmas table.

Even the box is made of chocolate!

Get and Give Sinful Kisses

Sinful Kisses in three unique flavors are presented in romantic kiss-marked boxes.

Sweet, sexy and sinful. These are the best words to describe Sinfully by Makati Shangri- La’s signature product called the KISS (P50 each). These are lip-shaped chocolates made even more inviting with a glossy candy-coating. It comes in three decadent flavours offering international tastes. There’s the Italian Kiss, an amaretto and coffee-filled dark chocolate which I find very romantic. And of course, the ever passionate French Kiss, a dark chocolate bonbon with raspberry filling and a fruity taste that lingers in your mouth. My personal favorite is the Caribbean Kiss, a white chocolate creation filled with the tropical spice star anise. These sinful kisses can be purchased individually or in boxes sealed with a kiss!

Say it with Emoti-cakes

Experience the interactive touch-screen ordering system conveniently located at the shop entrance.

How can you not smile back to a smiling cake? These emotive cakes make your messages even sweeter and will truly make someone feel good bite after bite of its gratifying flavours of either chocolate or cheese. And yes, Emoti-cakes must have a digital element to it. A selection of Emoti-cake categories can be browsed and ordered through the interactive touch-screen ordering system conveniently available in the shop.

Praline Presents

For a quick sweet fix, try one of these pralines at P60 each.

Whether it’s for a luxurious self-indulgence or fulfilling someone’s chocolate fantasy, the endless line of pralines promises a pleasurable treat. They are all yours to take home in elegant packages of different sizes and exquisite styles. If you’re new to the shop and couldn’t decide which ones to take, go for the Top Ten Praline box, it contains the best pralines in-store. The Praline Tower caught my eye. It houses 100 pralines of your choice arranged delicately in layers of satin-lined drawers and is fashioned to create a magical moment to anyone who receives it.

Just imagine these boxes filled with Pralines...

The ultimate present: a Praline Tower of 100.

With the classic and traditional creations infused with modern and bold concepts, Sinfully by Makati Shangri-La is definitely setting a new trend in the patisserie scene. As what Area Pastry Executive Chef Anthony Collar says, “We can do more at Sinfully.” By quoting that, I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Miniature cakes (P225 each) to bring out the child in you.

Calendar cake to make sure no one forgets a special day.

Chef Lovely Bermas at her best in the Chocolate Room.

'Desire' is the best-selling miniature cake.

NOTE: For Christmas Hamper orders, please allow 48 hours notice before pick up.
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