Espressamente Illy: An Italian Café Experience

Espressamente Illy

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As a bookworm and a food lover in one, I am embarrassed to say that I have sneaked in food a few times before in libraries and bookstores. Kids, do not try this, and know that I hold books sacred, so I am careful to make sure I don’t mix any crumbs in any part of the books. This sounds crazy, but sometimes nothing beats the aura of reading in a very quiet place. With Espressamente Illy, I get to enjoy two of my favorite hobbies of eating and reading without breaking any rules.

Artworks line up the walls of this cafe

No need to smuggle in snack bites, now that a café with a notably nice Italian feel in ambiance and in taste has provided the perfect spot to enjoy both reading and people watching while enjoying good food. Strategically situated somewhere center of the second level of Power Plant Mall, with a section in the middle pathway, it gives you a view of shoppers on the different floors. I have stressed in my previous articles how I like silence since we do not normally get that these days, but what I love even more is just the right amount of ambient noise. You get to have it here, although not on certain times on weekends when it can get really noisy.

Espressamente Illy in the middle of the mall

Hallway set-up

My Espressamente Illy staples include first and foremost the Penne Bolognese (P235). The reason why I order it is because of its description in the menu: 'classic Italian pasta' sounds about right for a first try. And it was the best first choice indeed. Their pasta is flawlessly cooked, and this is very important to me. Even if I am not a pasta lover, I know when pasta is soggy or overcooked. With that, I enjoyed every bit of it and from then on I order a plate of penne with a new book every now and then.

Penne Bolognese

The second pasta must try is Lasagna Bolognese (P250). For this one, more than the pasta itself, I like the layers of meat in between. When I order this, I am usually filled to the brim and I am fine with just another meal for the rest of the day. And when I do not feel like stocking up my stomach full, there is always take out to enjoy the same goodness another time.

Lasagna Bolognese

Both pastas I frequently pair with a glass of Hot Chocolate (P95), because no matter how many friends highly recommend the coffee, here I love the chocolate. And when you do have time for dessert, there is an array of cakes to choose from. There are also about the same amount of yummy choices for sandwiches.

Hot Chocolate



For now, this is the closest I can get to an Italian café experience. The best part is I do not need to spend on airfare, plus I have found another good location to pursue my interests in leafing through and smelling new pages of books, observing window shoppers and savoring pieces of pasta.

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Espressamente Illy

Cakes & Pastries, Coffee, Sandwiches
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