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I’m a sucker for anything Japanese – especially if it’s cute, so when I chanced upon Honeybee Patisserie along Wilson Ave. in San Juan, of course I wasn’t able to resist it! Initially I thought Honeybee Patisserie was just a small-time specialty bakeshop but when I saw that it’s located inside a branch of Bubble Tea, I was more confident of the quality of the food since I do enjoy a Bubble Tea fix every now and then.

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Compared to the Bubble Tea branches in malls, this one along Wilson Ave. is definitely a lot cozier, with some pretty booths for a more intimate dining experience with friends or your special someone. However, I wasn’t really after Bubble Tea during the two times that I was there because I was too excited to try out Honeybee’s delightful array of pretty cakes and savory pastries.

Bubble Tea or Honeybee Patisserie? Get the best of both worlds at their Wilson branch.

The relaxed interiors make for a comfortable dining setting whether if you’re planning on a casual date or get together with friends/family.

Sweets for Your Sweet and Your Sweet Tooth

The cakes are definitely just like what you’d see from an episode of Yumeiro Patissiere or from a copy of Kitchen Princess – as each one is beautifully decorated along with yummy-sounding names that’d make you want to order everything on sight. During my first visit, I had the Honey Mango (P135 slice, P1260 whole) a delightfully light chiffon cake with fresh mangoes while the boyfriend had the Mango Cheesecake (P135). I really enjoyed the Honey Mango mainly because as much as I enjoy eating sweets, there comes a point when you feel like you’ve had too much of a good thing. Whenever that happens, I consider that as a bad sign because treats are meant to leave you on a happy note not nasusuya.

Honey Mango Cake

The lightness of the chiffon cake is perfectly complemented by the equally light icing while the fresh mango slices balances off the sweetness by giving you a hint of tang. It’s a great dessert especially when you just want to refresh your palate after a savory meal or if you want a nice afternoon snack. Meanwhile, the Mango Cheesecake, albeit being quite similar to the Honey Mango cake, still manages to offer something different for dessert lovers because of its texture and flavor. And since Honeybee Patisserie isn’t just about mangoes, I also ordered a slice of the Roasted Cocoa Mousse (P125 whole, P960 whole) which is quite sweet but if you’re a chocolate lover, then I guess this is something worth a try.

Roasted Cocoa Mousse

On my next visit, I managed to try out some more sweets – the Brazo Mango (P95 slice, P760 whole), Matcha Capuccino (P105 slice, P880 whole), and the Strawberry Shortcake (P135 slice, P1260 whole). I’m not particularly fond of Brazo de Mercedes but with Honeybee’s unique spin on this dessert classic, I quite enjoyed trying it out – not too sweet, just right for my liking. The Matcha Capuccino meanwhile is more filling compared to the Honey Mango, maybe because of the flavor? With the cappuccino giving it a richer flavor I guess. Don’t get me wrong, this one’s a delight as well, if you’re more interested on normal cakes (no tangy bits etc) then you’ll enjoy this one. As for the Strawberry Shortcake, just one quick whiff and you instantly know that this one’s fresh and berry nice (sorry for the bad pun) as it smells sweetly of strawberries although this one’s quite similar to the Honey Mango in the sense that it’s a dessert with a tangy twist. If you love fresh fruits in your pastries/desserts, then this is another Honeybee special that you should try.

Matcha Capuccino

Have your cake(s) and eat it too. Choose from Honeybee Patisserie’s yummy cake selections.

Choco Espresso Cake

Mt. Fuji Choco

Strawberry Matcha Mousse

Of course those are not the only desserts that Honeybee Patisserie offers, as they have a total of 10 cake flavors (available for whole and per slice) and additional flavors that are only available for cake slices like the Midnight Opera (P125), thin layers of chocolate and vanilla sponge topped with rich chocolate ganache; and the Ube Mango Royale (P120), ube-flavored chiffon with layers of fresh mango bits and ube mousse. There are also specialty desserts like the Hokkaido Egg Custard (P90) which I’m thinking of trying next and the Mango Cream Puff (1’s P60, 3’s P135, 6’s P300).

Decadent cake slices to cap off a filling meal.

Just desserts? Not!

However don’t be fooled by Honeybee’s relatively small space inside Bubble Tea Wilson because aside from its yummy selection of sweet treats, it also houses an equally yummy lineup of savory breads starting from my favorite, the Veggie Pizza (P54), which is super soft and tasty; Tonkatsu Hash Potato (P43) which was recommended to me by one of the servers and is actually a unique take on a savory pastry making it quite a meal on its own – a few slices of tonkatsu and some potato hash bits top Honeybee’s signature soft bread; other savory breads that we brought home were the Ham and Cheese Bun (P54), Takoyaki Bread (P43), Baked Tuna Bread (P43), and a whole Hokkaido Loaf (P115) for breakfast.

Savory breads like the Chicken Teriyaki Melt are also popular items in Honeybee Patisserie – so popular that by 6pm, there are variants which only have a few pieces left.

Speaking of breakfasts, Honeybee opens early – 6am to be exact, so if you want to have a great start to your day, have your morning cuppa joe with your favorite Honeybee pastry (baked fresh daily) instead of the usual greasy morning fare.

So all in all, is Honeybee Patisserie worth scouring the confusing streets of San Juan for? Well if you have a penchant for cute things – especially if it’s Japanese; you like sweets; and you enjoy trying out new restaurants with a relaxed ambiance then yes, Honeybee Patisserie is one of those quaint bakeshops that you should visit especially when you’re tired of the same old mall restos.

Honeybee Patisserie is located at Unit 3 #229 Wilson St. Greenhills, for inquiries you may email them at info@honeybeepatisserie.com or call them at 584-1998. For more on Honeybee Patisserie visit http://www.facebook.com/honeybeepatisserie

Additional photos courtesy of Honeybee Patisserie Facebook page.

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Honeybee Patisserie

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