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When Power Plant Mall opened, Rockwell instantly became the place to be. People flocked to shop at flagship stores, be seen at the bars and dine at new restaurants. But that was then, now a lot of those shops have bigger flagship stores, most of the late night hang outs closed and gave way to more family friendly concepts and restaurants have come and gone as well. That is just the way it is with new malls, but there are those establishments that stayed on as favorites. In this article, you will get to read about Kuretake, one of those that stood the test of time.

Situated along Lopez Drive, away from the hustle and bustle of the mall but right by the action of the street where you spot a designer car every now and then, Kuretake recently re-opened after a renovation. The result of the wait for loyal patrons is a comfortable interior design that combined wood and the color red. It is not necessarily an izakaya, as more than the drinking, it is all about the eating. And speaking of eating, I have my top picks in every “food group” in their menu. Here are some of them.

Representing the Ju Box category is the Tori Teriyaki Ju (P330) which is grilled chicken teriyaki on rice. I like the way they cook the chicken, especially the taste of its skin. I know it is fattening, but whatever they put in those strips is just irresistible. The Ju Box list consists of rice toppings that go with free miso soup and pickles, so it is a pretty complete meal in itself. One more Ju to taste is the Ebi Katsu Ju (P490). It is the shrimp dish I go to whenever I feel like not eating my usual Ebi Tempura.

Tori Teriyaki Ju

Ebi Katsu Ju

Still on with groups but this time we go to Teishoku, set meals that come with rice, pickles, kabachi, miso soup and dessert. I choose beef toppings, and so my vote goes to the Gyu Don set (P500). I find the Teishoku sets more filling than the Ju boxes, and a hearty meal is always good if you have a pretty long day ahead of you. The cute designs of the little plates where they serve the fruit slices at the end of the meal never fail to make me smile. I just had taken a photo of this particular one with a koala design.

Gyu Don set

And of course there is always Agemono and the range of tempura dishes under it. The deep fried dish that satisfies my cravings is Kani Tempura (P245), crabmeat sticks that suit my love for seafood dishes. It is best paired with the ever-popular Kuretake Fried Rice (P110).

Kani Tempura

Kuretake Fried Rice

If you want to keep it healthy, then keep it within the Yakimono Grilled Dishes cluster and order the Tori Momo Shioyaki (P230) for some chicken high. Sorry, I meant chicken thigh.

Tori Momo Shioyaki

A surprise find for me is the Zousui list. I call this bunch the sosyal porridge club. So whenever I feel sick, I walk from my place to order a bowl of Tamago (P270) for my dose of egg, vegetables and rice soaked in warm soup. Who knew I would find the kind of porridge that will make me feel better in an instant inside a Japanese restaurant?


I could go on and on, but I want to make this list short but valuable and as far as I can remember since 2002, these are the things that I go back to at Kuretake. Come visit Kuretake for this short list of food, and for other good suggestions that I may have left out. For sure you will find yourself saying Oishi a lot of times, and as soon as you leave, you will have a special list of your own.

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