Zao Vietnamese Bistro: This Time, It's Pho Real

Zao Vietnamese Bistro


Barbecue Spareribs, Nuoc Cham, Saigon Fried Rice and Zao's Vietnamese Iced Coffee

It was one of those rare times when picking a restaurant at Eastwood Mall is easy. For a few days, I have been trying to eat healthy and Vietnamese food is probably one of the healthier cuisines available. I have tasted Vietnamese before and I liked it, but I do not prefer it when there are other establishments to choose from. For that day though, I am happily reading the menu of Zao Vietnamese Bistro - the pictures look inviting and the description says that our food is not bland even though presumably healthy.

We order right away the rice and the main course because that is just the way it is when you are hungry. The Zao Satay Platter (P345) surely did its job of filling us up. We did not finish all of it (they have quite a generous serving) because we ordered more food, but we made sure to taste each kind. My hands down favorite is the shrimps because although I like meat most of the time, the ones served to us were not as tender as we wanted it to be. The Saigon Fried Rice (P215) was really good. It has enough flavors that complement well with the taste of the other viands, and even if on its own, it has small bits of shrimps and meat already.

Zao Satay Platter

Saigon Fried Rice

Salads usually come first but it was mid-way through our main course when I ordered the Pomelo Salad (P285). If I am serious about being healthy, we had to have some greens and fruits. The thing about pomelo is that it has to be really good for me to like it because I grew up eating big, fresh and juicy pomelos. Thankfully, this one passed the test. It may be weird for some, but I could not sop myself from picking pieces every now and then in between the satay and rice.

Pomelo Salad

We really liked the shrimp satay so we ordered one more shrimp dish. By the time we finished the Caramelized Garlic Prawns (P395) we agreed that any dish with shrimps from Zao must be good. I think we were just trying to have a good excuse to come back, and trying the rest of their shrimp dishes seems to be a more than good enough reason.

Caramelized Garlic Prawns

And because we were celebrating a birthday, there has to be noodles. We asked if they had birthday noodles but they do not have any, so we settled for the Seafood Noodle (P235). Its yummy sauce made it a really happy birthday.

Seafood Noodle

While waiting for a bill, I looked around and think to myself that the delightful experience has a lot to do with the design of the place. We can now say that red does not only represent love, but good food, too. The art pieces on the walls are nice touches to the already generally comfortable feel of the bistro.

If healthy food is this good, then I am sure I can keep my diet healthy. And this time I will stick to it, pho real.

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