Chicken Park + Caveman and Yeti

Remember Yeti, the ginormous-- but lovable as a puppy-- snowman with a perpetual "Oops?" look on his face?

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by Trix Deseo
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Well, I paid a visit to his (and Caveman's) new home (beside the Petron gas station right before the corner to Eastwood) and was thrilled to meet the newest addition to the story: these adorable chickens (or winged eggs?) of Chicken Park!

Chicken Park + Caveman and Yeti
When you thought the duo Caveman and Yeti couldn't get any cuter, two chickens (or winged eggs?) join them in the picture! Chicken Park, which serves chicken wings and drumsticks with special Asian sauces, opened side by side Caveman and Yeti at the Petron gas station in Libis this year. Learn more about the products from Dazzle Ng and Jonathan Liao in this video.

While I have no idea how chickens fit in the polar setting where Caveman and Yeti live (and fight with Mochi Balls!), I must say that their addition to the frozen dessert brand, more popular with kids, is very much welcome. "I always see mom and kid tandems coming in the store. The kid orders and eats the shaved ice of his or her choice. The mom? She waits. We needed to do something about that. That's why we put up another brand, Chicken Park," Dazzle Ng, owner of the Caveman and Yeti franchise explained. Now with more food options available, the adults haven't any excuse for not ordering!

But how does Chicken Park, probably the nth brand to offer chicken wings this year, make itself stand out from the rest? "Well, have a taste. I'm sure you'll find it different," Jonatan Liao, Chicken Park owner suggested. I took a piece from the platter and agreed, "indeed, it is. Very Asian, I must say." A dire lover of wings served in all kinds of sauces, I thought I had already tasted and mastered enough variations. That was until I've had the chickens of Chicken Park.

There are currently three variants or sauces to choose from: Sweet or Spicy Sesame, and Soy Garlic chicken-- all of which are of Asian slant. Among all, the Spicy kind won my tongue's affection.

Spicy Sesame

Nestled properly in the mild-heat portion of the spectrum, the Spicy Chicken Park wings is a beautiful mix of complementing flavors, surprising for a dish served simply. The bubbly, crispy crust, slathered with glossy, syrupy sauce is in a constant tug of war with hotness and sweetness. It's a lot different from the sour-salty flavors Buffalo chickens I've grown accustomed to, but it's not one bit disappointing.

Sweet Sesame

Those who prefer their chickens tamer, should order the Sweet Sesame kind, which I personally found a tad too sweet for my liking. To counter the strong honey-sesame flavors of this chicken, order their Onion Rings (P55 ) or their Wedge Fries (P55)-- which flavor might remind you of a very familiar fries, in place of rice.

Order these in place of rice

The Ginger Soy, Dazzle's current addiction, is obviously much darker, you'd be right to guess that it tastes pretty much like the Hoisin Chickens from the Chinese restaurants.

Ginger Soy

Made with a total of ten ingredients, this variation, which is my best bet for rice pairing, is sweet, salty, and spicy at different levels. Ginger and soy always make a good combination; this dish is no exception.

Any of the variants are priced at the same rate: P99 for 4 pieces of wings, or 2 pieces of chunky drumsticks. The prices go up as the number of pieces increase, but in every order, expect to find extra helping of the sauces underneath the chicken pieces.

Extra sauce!

Chicken Park will surely fill you up with their hunger-swatting options but you must not leave the place without having the melt in your mouth, extra fine, flavored shaved ice concoctions for dessert, unless you want Yeti to roll over you.

Ube Mungster

I would totally understand why you won't part with your first loves: Ube Mungster and Choco Nutty (both priced at: Regular P68, Sharing P98) every time you order the cold version of cotton candy for dessert. They're exactly how sweet as you want them to be, and the play of textures while eating them is addicting. But their newest roster of flavors are worth trying. The Coffee Caveman Creation had me at one spoon.

New favorite: Coffee Caveman Creation

If for some pitiful reason, you aren't into flavored shaved snow, order their other must-try instead: Sesame Mochi Buns (P28 per pc)-- Caveman's weapon against Yeti in their tale.

Sesame Mochi Buns

The warm, crusty outside but stretchy soft inside Sesame Mochi Buns are good enough to send you into a few minutes of euphoria, but that's what you'll think until you get your hands on their newly added flavors. Chocolate and Green Tea are the best!

Chocolate Mochi Bun

The food from these side by side restaurants will make you as happy as much as their adorably designed mascots will. And if you're lucky enough, you might chance upon this too-cute-for-words, drooling furry creature, which is the real mascot of the store.

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