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Boulevard Diner


Superhero Burger, Gorgonzola Burger, The Grinch, Sha-Zam, Wingerangs and Wings

In the heart of Xavierville lies a cutting-edge take on the classic diner – Boulevard Diner. According to Chef Alvin, a self-proclaimed burger fanatic, Boulevard Diner does not just serve any kind of burger. They are artisans of burgers. Having tried almost every burger in town, he wanted to create his own variety. He admits that thoughts of burgers fill his mind before he goes to bed. His business partners, Madz and Nina, say that he messages them during odd hours of the day about his ideas for new burgers. For Alvin, every burger he makes is a masterpiece. He talks about his creations passionately, it's like talking to an artist about his artwork.

Boulevard Diner has all the elements of a contemporary diner, but what makes it stand out are the large amount of wings and burgers available. With the interior being predominantly white accented with bright and shiny eye-popping reds, all together it has a welcoming ambiance. Most of their customers are Xavierville residents as well as students from UP, Miriam, and Ateneo. As a college student, I feel like this is a place my friends and I could go to after class or during a long break. In fact, while we were dining there, a hoard of college students arrived and almost instantly filled up the place. Aside from it being located close to a number of schools, their prices are student friendly as well.

Boulevard Diner
In the heart of Xavierville lies a cutting-edge take on the classic diner – Boulevard Diner. Alvin Ong, Nina Joson, and Madz Talaue invite burger and chicken wing lovers to their little store where every burger is a delicious masterpiece.

Lets get to my favorite part, the burgers. The most basic burger they have is the Superhero. It’s got a thick beef burger patty – 1/3 pound of beef to be exact – with fresh green ice lettuce, fresh tomato and cheese in a poppy seed bun. Starting price is at P120 and P140 if you want your burger with cheese. The other burgers are popular dishes married to the Superhero. Just add P45 to your burger of choice and this can get you an iced tea along with a generous siding of fries.

The first burger we tried was the Gorgonzola (P180). It was love at first sight. Just looking at it made my mouth water. It’s the Superhero fused with white cheese, sautéed oyster mushrooms, and creamy Gorgonzola dressing. Out of the three burgers we had, I enjoyed this burger the most. The beef patty was thick but perfectly soft and moist at the same time. The patty was heavy and I could tell that real beef was used without extenders. To add to the amazingness, the Gorgonzola dressing gave it a luscious consistency.

The Gorgonzola burger

The next burger we were served was The Grinch (P190). The Superhero layered with creamy guacamole, crispy bacon, and cheese. The saltiness of the bacon and cheese was complimented by the generous amount of guacamole giving it a smooth savory finish.

The Grinch burger

The last burger we had was the Sha-Zam!! (P195), officially last month’s new burger. The Superhero combined with fried egg, bacon, potato strings, and BBQ sauce. This combination came out to be very rich, mostly from the fried egg. The bacon and BBQ sauce made it even tastier while the potato strings gave it a crunchy finish. To me, it’s something that men would enjoy.

The new Sha-Zam!! burger

They offer a wide selection of chicken wings or Wingerangs as they call it over at Boulevard Diner. Whatever the sauce may be, each serving is half a pound (P130), and you may opt to have it with some dip (P70) too. Before devouring the wings, our hosts let us first try their entire array of wing sauces. The sauces are named after feelings such as Fury, Death, Smoked, Hickory, Hell, Love, and Lust. Most of them had a spicy kick, except for the Hickory, which is a favorite among the kids. The two servings we had are their latest Valentine’s themed innovations, Love and Lust.


The wings were tender and flavorful at the same time, the perfect combo. Love was seasoned with a coco-chili sauce inspired by the Mexican Mole. As I bit into it I was delighted by the subtle spicy chili flavor with just the right amount of sweetness from the coco-powder. Lust was sweet but with a hint of lime that made it tangy.


To those who dare, they’ve got a hot wing eating challenge, the Diner He-Man Challenge. The wings are seasoned with their spiciest sauce that is Hell. If you beat the time of previous challengers, your wings are free but most importantly you can say you’ve triumphed in eating half a pound of the spiciest wings in town.

It is not a genuine diner experience without the milkshake. Even though I was beyond stuffed, I just had to try the Choc-Nut milkshake (P125). I have to say that this was one of the best milkshakes I have ever had in my life. It was a thick and creamy blend of vanilla ice cream, milk with sweet nutty bits of Choc-Nut making it heavenly.

It's a popular place to eat among the college students around the area

A new and improved menu will be coming out soon with more choices of burgers, wing sauces, and potato products. Even though it just opened last November 2010, Boulevard Diner continues to grow. As early as now they have already come by a number of regular customers, from the band of college students to the 8 and 11 year old boys that stopped by after class for their usual orders.

One of their regular customers

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