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KYSSadilla, KYSSinigang, Pumpkin Blossom Tempura, Crunchy Tuna Maki, KYSS’s Deconstructed Adobo and Gulab Jamun with Coconut Ice Cream

It is flattering for a three month old bar to have a significant following when South Manila has a party spot here and there. When KYSS opened, Makati Avenue gained another stylish establishment where curfews and guest lists are no issues.

As a twenty something who has her fair share of partying, I understand what builds the clout of a bar. People appreciate a swanky place that complements their love for dressing, people they bump into, exclusivity, and the beat that keeps the night infinite. KYSS was easily embraced because of it being sophisticated and social.

KYSS is frequently visited. One factor is that STYLES Entertainment hosts a themed night. STYLES is a well liked club promoter with Jon Herrera (aka DJ Johnnyverse) as one of its DJs, and who shares ownership of KYSS with Mahesh Mirpuri. The prime nights that have kept people coming are Saturday Hysteria at KYSS (Saturdays, hiphop and Top 40s), Kyss & Tell (Fridays, house music), and Monday Night Mayhem (Mondays, mash up). A club becomes superb with its location, party vibe, faces, and of course the mainstay – drinks and good food. KYSS is your super club. No need for bar hop because you can start your night here as early as dinner time.

KYSS's trio of regular themed nights

Czarra Platon, PR manager, describes their cuisine as ‘progressive Asian fusion.’ What they serve may be a different take on what is familiar; it is parallel to their edgy approach to the bar’s name KYSS (‘y’ replaces ‘i’ in kiss). The kitchen team is headed by Chef Pierre Tan, with Chef Ed Bugia as chef consultant. Their group prides in quality ingredients and cooking that they have even 'KYSSed' some items on the menu (KYSSadilla, KYSSinigang, etc.). If KYSS were a person, she would be a free-spirited, stylish and sassy lady. Check out some of their dishes that you may want to lay your lips on...

Pumpkin Blossom Tempura, with signature guava sauce and Alfalfa sprouts

Some perpetually unattached women give off this dense and unemotional aura, who just happen to hide an easy romantic soul somewhere. I think KYSS's Pumpkin Blossom Tempura (P350) is like an intimidating Serpentine. It has crunchy outside shells and a soft inner pumpkin blossom. The tinapa and ricotta cheese beautifully salt this appetizer.

Crunchy Tuna Maki

Crunchy Tuna Maki (P310), on the other hand is the classy lady with a straightforward intention. This is spicy dish is made of tuna, Japanese mayo, chilli flakes, and caviar.

Deconstructed Adobo: a plate of Crispy Pork Belly, Chicken Roulade, Adobong Kangkong and Adobo Rice

KYSS’s Deconstructed Adobo (P410) refers to the girl who has a clear idea of who she wants and where to meet them. She ends up loving all of them simultaneously. This adobo dish has the best of both pork and chicken, but fairly differentiated. You have Crispy Pork Belly and Chicken Roulade with nilasing na mangga (cured mango), that are are drenched with Adobo sauce. No argue with the crispy pork, but I found the chicken’s saltiness exceeding the level I am used to. That is why it is ideally eaten with their Adobong Kangkong (pickled kangkong stems with cherry tomatoes). It serves as your atchara, thus balancing the flavor. I think this dish is carefully thought of.

Chicken Roulade and Adobong Kangkong

Ladies’ might have two moods in one night, but their charm is constant, like KYSS’s dessert: Gulab Jamun with Coconut Ice Cream (P150).

Gulab Jamun with Coconut Ice Cream

Gulab Jamun are Indian waffle balls, accompanied with coconut ice cream and saffron syrup. I could tell it from its cinnamon-y scent . This hot and cold treat is worth a second helping.

Dining can be your other purpose at KYSS, before stepping in to the party floor at the second level. The party lounge is where you would want to be totally KYSSed and have these specials:

KYSS Popcorn

If the popcorn we gorge during movie time is your friend, KYSS Popcorn (P195) would be your love interest. Its sweet and sensual taste come from truffle oil, butter and honey. This may be the new aphrodisiac. I heard this is a favorite of the models, who could finish a bowl each. That, and and the drinks that KYSS is getting known for - KYSS Margarita (Php 220, left) and Chocolate Cake Shooter (Php 200).

KYSS Margarita

Chocolate Cake Shooter had me at hello. It may be my sweet revenge to the typical vodka/tequila shots, but has its own oomph. This gives you a pleasant after taste that you will find yourself having another one or two. Like your first kiss, getting 'KYSSed' is a feeling your heart shall long for over and over, because KYSS knows what passion is.

Additional photos courtesy of KYSS.

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