Día Del Galeón Festival 2010

Somewhere in Mexico, there is an entire clan with the last name "Maganda". They have lived there for more than 200 years. In that same coastal region, the locals like to drink the sap of coconut, which they call "Tuba". Coincidence or Galleon Trade?

The Philippines, the First ASEAN Culture Capital 2010-2011 will host the first International Día Del Galeón Festival 2010: History, Heritage, Habitat and Language. With a 250-year history that connected four continents, the Galleon trade was an essential trade route that served as a vessel for cultural exchange.

Arts Talleres: The Workshop - September 15 to October 10.

A three-week interdisciplinary festival of workshops, demonstrations, exhibits, and performances with participants from the Philippines and all the continents with the Galleon Trade experience:
  • Workshops on arts and heritage
  • Collaborative workshops on cultural exchange
  • Theatrical Production of Miguel Sabido?s. Juana La Loca
  • Literary and Visual Art Exhibits, Broadcast Features

Juan La Loca - October 6 to 8

A play by Mexican playwright Miguel Sabido, Juana La Loca depicts the reign of the Spanish Queen Juana in the 16th century. The play will fuse Spanish and Pilipino languages in a unique intercultural dialogue involving a multinational cast.


Encuentro - October 8

An Intercultural Dialogue and culminating activity for workshop participants and guests, which will include presentations, creative industry exhibits and declarations for global and unified action for the preservation of cultural diversity and heritage, advancing the welfare of the seafarers, and climate change. It can serve as a public hearing for a legislative agenda on education and culture.

Viaje Del Galeón - October 8 to 11

A four-day educational trip from Manila to Cebu with on-board activities and tours around Cebu. The conference and workshop participants will lead the activities, to be shared to youth passengers.
  • On-board seminars
  • On-board interactive performances
  • On-board exhibits
  • On-land Galleon Trade significance reenactments protecting biodiversity and climate change
  • City and heritage site tours

Commemorative and Regional Events

A series of commemorative events and gestures will be programmed to provide focus and emphasis to this international celebration.
  • Commemorative Stamp
  • Bilingual declamation and oratorical contests

*Workshops and Viaje by application/ invitation only. Juana La Loca open to the public.
National Museum/ DOT Clamshell
Metro Manila, Philippines
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