France Face Lost by Marc Lathuilliere

Arts and Culture

Silverlens Gallery

Pasong Tamo Ext.
2320 Pasong Tamo Ext., , Makati
Metro Manila, Philippines

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    12:00 AM
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About the Event

Marc Lathuilliere's exhibition entitled "France Face Lost" deals with French identity. It is the questioning of a visual artist looking at his homeland as if it wasn't. As if he was a tourist from fast moving Asia discovering the clichés and strangeness of a sleeping beauty named France.

Marc Lathuilliere first experienced this swing in perception in 2004, after extended stays in Asia, mostly in Thailand and South Korea. Coming back home, he realized how deeply French identity is anchored in the past, and the tremendous efforts French People devote to the preservation of its heritage. Through his "asianized" eyes, France now seemed estranged: he started to observe it with both wonder and worry.

To express these mixed feelings, he asked the French he met all over the country to wear a mask, always the same one, and then he took a portrait of them. An interactive game that froze them, shedding a new and doubtful light on their daily surroundings-architecture, sceneries, furniture, questioning the stereotypes on which we build our identities.

In five years, from Provence to Normandy, and from Bordeaux to Metz, more than four hundred people have already let him take their "de-faced" portrait.

Marc Lathuillière will hold a workshop at Silverlens Gallery on January 30 and February 6 followed by an artist's talk to introduce his work and artistic approach.

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