Reality Bites by Lotsu Manes

Arts and Culture
West Gallery
48 West Ave., , Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines
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About the Event

Lotsu Manes sees his new one-man show, Reality Bites, as the latest phase in his continuing artistic journey. Manes doesn't see one exhibit as better than the other.

He chose the title, Reality Bites, as he intends to make every piece "biting" aiming to touch a chord with the viewers. In "Organized Religion: Fastfood for the Soul", Manes demonstrates how religion has taken the form of a fast food combo meal, where each ritual turns into a formula. "It's just like entering a fast food where before you even fall in line, you already know the contents, the taste, or the combination of food items you'll be ordering.

You don't need to think about your next move anymore. In "Domestic Plight", Manes shows how new graduates are flying to destinations aboard brooms that ironically foretell what jobs await them there. And in "Pambansang Pulutan", Manes tackles the political scene and the misuse of pork barrel funds, focusing on government officials seemingly lofty position in society on the outside and what they really are deep inside. He sees that there are still many issues he would like to tackle in future works, and vows to continue expressing and exposing such to the viewing public.

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