Resear-SHARE initiates "Project Install"

Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Teresa St., Sta. Mesa, , Manila
Metro Manila, Philippines

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About the Event

“PROJECT INSTALL: INSTIGATING EDUCATOR’S KNOWLEDGE ON RESEARCH APPLICATION AND SOFTWARE USE”, a one day seminar-workshop, will be held this coming October 21 at the PUP College of Communication Audio Visual Room.


An estimated number of 100 High School and Senior High School teachers and instructors will be attending the seminar-workshop. The following are the participating schools of the event:

  • C.P Garcia High School
  • E. Aguinaldo High School
  • E. Quirino High School
  • La Consolacion College- Manila
  • M. Marcos High School
  • Rizal High School
  • V. Mapa High School

The topics of the seminar-workshop are Research Application and Software Use.

The seminar-workshop aims to provide first-hand and exceptional information about Research Application and Software Use to the participants.

“PROJECT INSTALL” is the campaign highlight event of Resear-SHARE: Spreading Holistic Awareness through Research Education group.

Resear-SHARE is a group composed of Third year Communication Research students, under the College of Communication, Polytechnic University of the Philippines Sta. Mesa, Manila. The Resear-SHARE initiated a campaign that aims to impart knowledge on research and the group believes that this will greatly help their beneficiaries.

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