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Art critic Cid Reyes once said that artist Camille Dela Rosa (b. 1982) was "...the youngest Impressionist in the Philippines." Her early practice isn't far off from this claim--Dela Rosa, the daughter of noted painter Ibarra Dela Rosa, has mastered the broad strokes and bright palettes that have come to define Impressionism.

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But her continued trajectory, having exhibited in places around Europe and Asia, and possessor of an Honourable Mention Award from the Art Association of the Philippines' 58th Annual Art Competition (2005), has seen increased experimentation from the young artist. Dela Rosa's loyalty was always to the truth, and sought to portray the surreal, morbid, and macabre of the world. This path led her to 2009's "Aenigma," an exhibit that led the young artist to explore the darker recesses of humanity's soul, and last year's "Reina Imperium" at Art Underground.

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As her works became more complex and sophisticated, the artist herself became more mature--in effect provoking stillness in her temperament. New works are will now be exhibited at Dela Rosa's latest exhibit, "Enchantress," at Art Underground. Opening on June 26, Friday, 6PM, the exhibit cements Dela Rosa's development of a new direction in her oeuvre.

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Dela Rosa continues this course in her latest show. This time, however, she examines the strength of women in a series of surreal portraits that are fascinating in their intricacy. The skilful technique of Dela Rosa is on full display, painting women in their powerful roles as mothers, warriors, and queens--albeit with the surreal edge that sets her apart from other contemporary artists. Thus, we have a veiled woman nursing a large rabbit as if it was her child, or an image of a woman's head as the foundation of a Corinthian column adorned with cherubs. It is a practice that is alluring and beautiful, yet evocative and haunting.

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After all, this is an artist with an equally fascinating background. A classically trained singer from the College of Music of the University of the Philippines. This mix of experiences, coupled with being the daughter of a noted painter, is mirrored in the quality of her oeuvre.

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