Kinky Tribal Disco

Arts and Culture

1335 Mabini

A. Mabini St., Ermita, Manila
Metro Manila, Philippines

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    12:00 AM
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About the Event

“Kinky Tribal Disco” flirts with elements of the exotic in the language of contemporary art in order to present a negotiation between the global and the local, the familiar with the new, and the instant with the immutable.

By integrating aesthetic effect with traditional form the exhibition promotes cultural eclecticism - a defining condition of this information age with worldwide economic networks. Hence, the challenge of the exhibit is acknowledging native impressions while not being subsumed by universal standards. Or, the opposite is also problematized: those that stress fundamental ideals immersed in misguided social education turning away from progressive thinking and new material developments. Both are critical considerations pondered in this exhibition as a way of reframing social representation and various expressions of autonomy amidst a world of exuberant change. Therefore, “Kinky Tribal Disco” is a multi-media exhibition that features painting, photography, and installation looking at native expression as a catalyst for innovation and reflection. Eschewing conceptual clichés, the works apply wit in the exploration of self-conscious identity, while stylistic primitivism is brandished as a reflexive foil against formal conventionality. “Kinky Tribal Disco” is an awareness of the essential through unorthodox means.

The artists in this show are very much at the forefront of contemporary art practice, possessing a key understanding of worldwide trends now. Despite of which, it is not lost to these artists to address issues specific to locality and subjectivity. To explore signs and tropes that is naturally available within the culture, while pushing these forward to refashion local attitudes in light of global standards. By doing so a common language is arrived that can communicate essential attitudes encompassing the moment.

This creates an affinity between universal and singular subjects where one can find traditional patterns flowing within the syntax of the modern, in as much as the modern being permeated with endemic consciousness. This is the creative tension found within the works. Therefore the works presented do not begin with a quasi-belief on some originating identity, which would then make the works mere static illustrations of theory. But rather, the possibilities offered by this multi-networked reality function as the catalyst within this creative experiment, producing a new hybrid expression that doesn't actually belong to the past or the present but point towards the immediate future.

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