Baybayin for Growth in Creativity and Culture


ISIS International

Marunong St.
3 Marunong St., Brgy. Central, Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines

About the Event

Baybayin (incorrectly known as alibata) is the ancient system of reading and writing of the Filipinos. History reveals to us that almost all Filipinos could read and write before the Spanish occupation of the Philippines. Like a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation, the Baybayin can be considered as our direct connection to our ancestors.

This 3-day workshop (three consecutive Saturdays) is an an invitation to affirm one's creativity and to reconnect with one's ancestral heritage.

In a life-affirming space, participants learn to write and read Baybayin in a creative way. Through fun, indigenous-inspired, artistic processes, participants are encouraged to create inspiring words utilizing the 17 syllabic Baybayin symbols. In addition, healing images are integrated in an art form that combines the transparency of glass and the vibrancy of colors in Baybayin Glass Painting.

This is both a Creativity and Cultural Re-connecting Class-Workshop. Engaging the mind-heart and hand, we embark on a journey of rediscovering our “self”, our natural creativity; re-connecting to a distinct cultural heritage, and growing in the awareness of our Filipino ancestry.

As we learn about Baybayin, we reclaim a piece of our cultural self - buried and veiled to some extent - inviting us to greater sense of wholeness, as a person and as a people.

We believe everyone is creative. No artistic skills required. Only a readiness to discover and unleash one's creativity.

Energy exchange (for the 3-day workshop): P2900
Early Bird Rate until March 30: P2500
To reserve a slot, only a deposit of P1500 is required. The remaining balance to be paid on April 14.

Also available this summer: Baybayin Creativity Workshop for Kids and Teens (Grade School & High School)

Mini Gavino - Developed the Baybayin Creativity Workshops-Classes along with other artist-teachers. She has been an artist-teacher-facilitator of creative workshops, rituals, performances, games, eco-sensitive team process/orienteering, peace and environmental camps.

Leo Castro - cultural worker, anthropologist, Executive Director of Sanghabi, Inc. (a cultural, non-government organization engaged in promoting Filipino culture by conducting workshops on indigenous rhythm/movement and baybayin)

Leah Tolentino - teacher, storyteller, and Director of Ginhawa, Inc. (a non-government organization that integrates creativity and spirituality at the service of well-being)

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