The Spill

Creating SPACE Inc. invites everyone to attend another edition of The Spill on November 19, Saturday, 7:00PM at Chef’s Bistro.

Spill is a series of artists’ talks to encourage critical discussions on various art forms, styles and contexts. This installment features Sonja van Kerkhoff, a New Zealand artist based in the Netherlands. Van Kerkhoff will share her experiences in contemporary art practice across media, spaces, and trans-localities.

Van Kerkhoff works with a range of media in installations, performance, video, animation, interactive art works on the net, and more. The artist’s talk will touch on the ways that different media affect how art is experienced, along with the discourses surrounding several projects she initiated in the international scene.
Chef's Bistro
Tomas Morato
94 Sct. Gandia near corner Tomas Morato, , Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines


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