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Dutdutan: Philippine Tattoo Expo

A celebration of art and ink. Dutdutan is currently the nation’s biggest and grandest annual tattoo exposition, presented by Tribal Gear Philippines.

A venue for the finest of skin arts, this is the one event where acclaimed tattoo artists, enthusiasts, supporters, and even curious first-timers gather to marvel, get inked, compete, and experience skin artistry at its best. Dutdutan is also the one place and time when age and social status cross boundaries to take pleasure in a very personal and intimate brand of self expression.

Taking on a different level each year, Dutdutan brings in more and more tattoo artists from all over the country and the world. Participants from other countries have taken interest in this extraordinary event and would want to experience tattoo ‘pinoy’ style.

Highlights of Dutdutan include competitions of creativity and innovation among the best tattoo artists in the local scene. Premier inkers battle for prestige in various categories, exhibiting ingenuity and artistic mastery in the field of skin art. ‘Tattoo of the Day’ remains the most coveted award as artists from this category create their entries on the day itself, giving everyone a chance to actually witness a master at work, and how art pieces are created on skin.

The expo also displays exceptional pieces done by sought-after tattoo artists, and the various styles and designs one may choose to get inked ? all artistically and skillfully done on epidermal canvas. Apart from actual tattooing, booths are also installed to hold anything and everything about tattoo, from simple souvenirs to the more complicated tattoo paraphernalia made available to those who need it, and want to further explore the art.

Essentially, Dutdutan as an event initiates the evolution and elevation of tattoo as an art form - one of the many ways of self-expression that has long been regarded as taboo, as it always appealed to the rebel crowd and the unconventional. But now, tattoos are considered to be a mainstream art, as more celebrities started having them. Famous personalities, not just the obscure, were not only getting tattoos, but were displaying them proudly. Suddenly, the status of body art had dramatically improved and its stigma was fading fast.

During this period of evolution, scores of true body art supporters have come out and showed pride in their tattoos. And now we have a community of strong and loyal tattoo enthusiasts that will see body art through its evolution at every stage. This is exactly what makes each Dutdutan event one hell of a joyride.


  • Competition is open to all Filipino and Foreign Tattoo Artists/Collectors with or without affiliation to any tattoo organization.
  • One (1) tattoo design could only compete in 1 category but a Tattoo Artist/Collector could compete in any applicable categories using different tattoo designs.
  • All tattoo entries excluding entries under "Tattoo of the Day" and “On-the-Spot: Cover-up” must be totally healed during the time of judging. The tattoo should not bear any scabs and flakes.
  • Screening
  • All participating Tattoo Artists, collectors/models are required to pay the entrance fee per day. Only the participants of the Tattoo the Day, who have rented booth space, shall be exempted from the entrance fees.
  • Cancellation
    Cancellation of registered entries and/or request for change of category shall not be accepted once the tattoo entry is "officially registered".
    Cancellation of reservations shall make any down payment made by the Tattoo Artist as cancellation fee and non-refundable.
  • The organizers have the right to disqualify any contestant who displays untoward behavior during the competition.

Admission Fee:
P 250 (1 Day Pass)
P 450 (2 Day Pass)
World Trade Center
Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. cor. Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Blvd., , Pasay
Metro Manila, Philippines

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