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Fernando Amorsolo's Art in DMC Cross-Stitch

Owning an original Fernando Amorsolo might be considered a flight of the imagination, but making a reproduction is not at all far-fetched. The Fernando Amorsolo Art Foundation and DMC recently teamed up to make the National Artist's works of art more accessible with an art exhibit entitled "Fernando Amorsolo's Art in DMC Cross-Stitch". This rare exposition features some of Amorsolo's well-loved masterpieces recreated through another engaging art form: cross-stitching.

The exhibit puts on public display eight famous works of Fernando Amorsolo rendered in cross-stitch using quality DMC threads. It will likewise showcase four cross-stitch creations by Amorsolo's daughter Helen. Helen worked assiduously to recreate two treasured family portraits and two other masterpieces done by her father.

"Fernando Amorsolo's Art in DMC Cross-Stitch" draws attention to the beauty of Amorsolo's visual interpretations of rural life in the Philippines and its people. It also shows the artist's immense appreciation of other art forms such as cross-stitching.

To help preserve Amorsolo's works of art - which are considered national treasures - DMC is making available cross-stitch patterns based on selected Amorsolo paintings. These limited-edition patterns will surely test the skill and mettle of cross-stitch enthusiasts as they try to recreate Amorsolo's ingenious brush strokes using colored threads as medium.

DMC' short for Dollfus-Mieg and Company' has been manufacturing high quality fabrics since 1746. It expanded into the production of sewing threads, darning and embroidery cottons in the middle of the 1800s. DMC floss are made from long fiber Egyptian cotton, known to be the finest in the world - immediately establishing the fine quality of its threads. As such, DMC threads do not fade in color and lasts many generations.

In the Philippines, DMC threads, as exclusively distributed by Focus Global Inc., are treasured by cross-stitch devotees for its wide range of colors, durability and flexibility - qualities that create beautiful and long-lasting cross-stitch creations.
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