DLSU CSO Holds TUKLAS Event to Help Groom Game-Changing Leaders

The event aims to unleash the greatest potential of student leaders!

De La Salle University – Manila’s Council of Student Organizations (DLSU CSO) just held its three-day event that tackled the ways on how to become an effective leader. TUKLAS2021 was open for everyone and not just exclusive to the students of the university. Just like what they always say, there is no better day than today to start

The event focused on a variety of things from inclusivity and representation in media, down to teaching the youth on how to lead in order to change the world, in their own little ways. 

The first day of the event was held last April 30, it focused on the topic of information, specifically on how to filter the pieces of information that we intake to make sure they’re factual. Sounds interesting, right? There’s more! 

The second day was held on May 8, which focused on the importance of inclusivity in the media that we consume. The third and last day was held on May 15, which centered on the Zoomers (or the Generation Z) taking the lead and showing us the brighter tomorrow. 

The event was indeed magical as it invited notable guest speakers from a DLSU alumni, to a former Miss Philippines, and more! Not only that, TUKLAS2021 was able to instill knowledge to student leaders that would soon become the leaders of our generations. For more information about TUKLAS2021, you may visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/DLSUCSOTUKLAS.


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