Creating a Buzz in Business and Technology: Ateneo MISA’s ‘HEX 2021: The Hive’

Be part of The Hive starting on February 19!

Buzz in! Build your future. 

The Ateneo Management Information Systems Association (MISA) presents: HEX 2021: The Hive.

HEX is a series of talks that aims to expand the knowledge of participants about the various fields and careers related to business and technology, as well as an opportunity to network with people currently working in these industries. Get the chance to connect and listen to these established professionals as they bring inspiring and engaging talks that will help participants make a beeline for success!

This event is open to all students. Interested participants may join The Hive this coming February 19, February 26, and March 6 by signing up through this link:

The Ateneo Management Information Systems Association (Ateneo MISA) is the home organization for MIS majors in the Ateneo, but also serves as the home for business-minded tech enthusiasts who aim to form, inform, and transform society through its advocacy of social transformation through information management. 


Keep up with the latest buzz about HEX 2021: The Hive by liking the Ateneo MISA Facebook page:

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