Show Your Love For Pinoy Music at Sonik Philippines This October

This year's Sonik Philippines 3-day event is absolutely free!

Time and time again, music has proven that it has the power to cross boundaries and bring people of all colors, shapes, sizes, and identities together. With the world opening its arms wider for various kinds of music from different countries, Homonym, the music-first agency that provides music solutions to brands, agencies, and artists, pushes to uplift the local music industry and make the sound of Pinoy Pop be heard at this year’s Sonik Philippines at October 21-23.

Sonik is a 3-day music business conference designed to bring together Filipino music industry communities to discuss current and relevant topics of the industry through panel discussions. Last year, a thousand people had joined to connect with 33 countries and hear from 32 artists and 42 speakers.

This year’s Sonik Philippines will focus on embracing the diversity of the music space and empowering every role in the industry. Music experts from different companies will talk about elevating Filipino music together, the future of P-Pop, and various more topics. Other than that, there will be a solid roster of local and international artists who will be performing at the conference.

The best part of it all? People can join in for free! Interested participants simply have to request to join the private Facebook group: Sonik 2021 Philippines Rising. To find out more about Sonik Philippines, the lineup of artists and the specific topics to be discussed, check the official hashtags #SonikPH2021 and #PhilippinesRising and follow Sonik’s official Facebook page and Instagram.

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