Paella in Manila: 12 Restaurants for Your Spanish Rice Cravings

Filipinos revere rice and love Spanish cuisine, so it's easy for us to adore the Paella. Spain's festive and colorful dish, bursting with flavors in every rice morsel and topping, is best served hot on a paellera pan and also a perfect feast to share. Craving for some? Here's our list of 12 places for your many kinds of traditional and modern paella fix.


The Look, The Friends and Fiends of “The Duff”

Everyone knows what it is like to be sort of the underdog...especially in high school. In the teen movie “The Duff” based by author Kody Keplinger’s book of the same name, the relatable and of-the-moment stuff of growing up and the struggle to fit in is explored in “The Duff” that will open this April 15 in cinemas (Phils.).


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