The Char Siu Bao Crawl: 7 Restaurants in Manila Serving Baked Pork Buns

Ever since the Michelin-starred Tim Ho Wan set foot into our local food scene, the spotlight has been on the baked char siu bao, better known as pork buns. There are other restaurants where you can sink your teeth into savory pork buns, and maybe one's closer to you and there's no need to wait in line to enter. Here's our list of places in Manila where you can get your pork bun fix, and which of them offer take-out.


Melawares Crowns New “Cusina Idols”

Armed with their cooking skills and fueled by their passion for food, a cooking enthusiast and a culinary student bested other finalists on the most exciting culinary competition to date, “The Next Cusina Idol Cook-Off Challenge.”


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