Traveling with a Purpose

Traveling with a Purpose

Traveling around the world is undeniably part of each and everyone’s bucketlist. However, it shouldn’t begin and end with hopping on a plane with a destination in mind.

It’s so much better to indulge in the culture and their way of life; being ridiculously open to appreciating a country’s traditions and lifestyle while still being able to cherish your own.

That’s how one can become more than a tourist by gaining experiences that can’t be encapsulated by mere photographs.

Some even let themselves be cloaked with empathy towards a different society that enables them to become young Philippine ambassadors, showcasing Filipino values and talent abroad as they try to help and create positive impact in countries like China, Germany, Czech Republic, Brazil, Romania, India, and many others by involving themselves in social projects and organizations.

It may sound as if it’s too good to be true but international student-run organization AIESEC has been making it possible for the Filipino youth through their Global Citizen and Global Talent Programs.


AIESEC is present in 113 countries and is known for their holistic world-class and global leadership platform and extraordinary socio-cultural exchange programs.

Over 400 young Filipinos, from 18-30 years old, travel with AIESEC each year to discover more about the world’s rich culture and people, as well as global insights and challenges that ultimately help them learn about themselves and what they are capable of doing.

“At first, going on exchange was nothing but a dream, but it turned out to be so much more than just that. It became a goal. Which eventually led me to a path of self-discovery and independence,” Andy Flores of UST said.

The student organization believes that opportunities like the Global Citizen Program and Global Talent Program would help develop world-class citizens that are capable of creating a world-class Philippines.

These programs offer global experiences that foster a stronger sense of independence and nationalism, developing an urge to apply what they have learned abroad and become part of the generation that shapes a better country.

“You dive into culture, learn about its people, its needs, and most of all. Its hopes and dreams. In doing that, you learn how similar you actually are, even if your cultures are different. In helping them, you gain the confidence to learn how to help your own country too,” Frankie Torres of UA&P said.

Orientation seminars about the Global Citizen Program are on-going in the following campuses: Enderun, Miriam College, University of the Philippines Diliman, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, University of Santo Tomas, University of Asia and the Pacific, and Ateneo de Davao University.

Become part of AIESEC’s Generation Global: travelling with the purpose of changing the country by shaping a better world.