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Learntalk Offers Affordable Online Language Lessons

Have you ever made a bad grammar mistake in front of a large audience or wished that someone could have pointed out your mistake without embarrassing you in front of your friends or colleagues? Learntalk is a useful website that provides users with on-demand professional English lessons at an affordable price.  

Learntalk Nicolo Luccini

Nicolo Luccini, Cambridge linguist and Filipino-Italian founder of Learntalk, has made it the company’s mission to make live language classes accessible to everyone. In fact, the company recently conducted a one-day Teacher Training Program to help volunteer teachers improve their overall communication skills and teaching techniques when reaching out to less fortunate students in the remote areas of the country.  

Learntalk is a startup in the Educational Technology or EdTech industry, which is basically the use of technological processes and resources to facilitate learning. Learntalk was established on the belief that language ability can transform an entire economy and lift people out of poverty. Over the past two decades, the Philippines has had one of the fastest growing economies in the world thanks to the proliferation of BPOs, which was relocated here as a result of the population’s high English proficiency.

Learntalk Department Heads

The startup also differentiates itself from the rest of the online English language classes by offering students a customized curriculum based on their learning needs and topic preferences to facilitate more effective learning. Equal importance is given to accuracy of grammar and fluency of conversation while engaging the students to apply what they learn using real-life situations such as shopping at the supermarket, using an ATM, presenting at an office meeting, discussing the stock market, and even using Netflix!

Here are four reasons to try out Learntalk:


1.     On-Demand. Much like Uber, Learntalk teachers are available at any time. Soon to release its own app, users will be able to enter a class in just one click.

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2.     Affordable “Pay-as-you-Go”, Learning. Learntalk offers a frictionless pay-as-you go option as well as unlimited monthly classes for less than a dollar per day.

3.     Customized Curriculum based on your English proficiency level and topics of interest. uses the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) scale to gauge your proficiency and suggest a learning curriculum. You can also choose the topics of your lessons – love to give a running commentary of that basketball game? Let’s talk about sports in some of your lessons!

4.     Plug-and-Play B2E Concept. For companies looking for English training resources, Learntalk has the ability to connect itself to your online learning portal and provide a hassle-free way to manage enrollment and give quality online English language lessons at the same time.  

Learntalk Online Language Classes

Currently, Learntalk primarily teaches English through its platform to clients in the Philippines, Spain and Latin America, however, it sees itself as a multilingual global company. Nicolo, who is also the company’s Managing Director, further explains “We are not just an English company. We want to make it possible to learn any language with a professional teacher at the click of a button.” 

Interested users can visit their website to avail of a free trial. For inquiries, visit the official website at

About Learntalk

Every Learntalk lesson aims to simulate how language is learned naturally by giving students the space to make mistakes and experiment with the language in a fun learning environment.

Learntalk uses the best elements of the well-established Direct Method and the Communicative Approach and has updated them for online teaching. By using contextual clues and questions, Learntalk teachers encourage students to express themselves in a facilitated conversation. The teachers do not lecture and aim to spend less than 50% of each lesson talking. Learntalk teachers are ready listen and help students along their English learning journey.