Group Exhibition: Dance with the Mayflies

Tin-aw Art Gallery
Somerset Olympia Makati
7912 Makati Ave., Urdaneta Village, , Makati
Metro Manila, Philippines

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About the Event

Live each day as if it's your last. Stop and smell the roses. You only live once. These are just a few oft-repeated expressions about the transience of life and the conscious effort to live in the present – the present that is in itself fraught with pressing concerns, and frequently strained between what had been and what is to come.

Dance with the Mayflies

Securing the future is of utmost importance to most, and it always comes at a cost: a cost that can be a source of stress and anxiety, with a life caught in a crushing cycle of existence. Some are also caught up in the past, encumbered with what-ifs and regrets, becoming incognizant of the possibilities with each new day.

Mayflies are terrestrial creatures with the shortest lifespan; adult mayflies live only within 24 hours, with some even living for only 5 minutes. A mayfly is also referred to as ephemera, acutely exemplifying the impermanence of existence. Reproduction is the main function of adult mayflies, and male mayflies congregate in swarms and attract female ones by doing a courtship dance.

“Dancing with the Mayflies” then is a restatement regarding the brevity of life, the continued search and struggle for meaning or purpose, and being mindful of what is truly important and valuable in our lives.

The exhibition opens on December 7 and runs until December 21, 2019. To view, visit Tin-aw Art Gallery at Upper Ground floor of Somerset Olympia Building, Makati Avenue. For inquiries, please contact the gallery landline at +63 2 7750-2595 email or visit the Instagram and Facebook @tinawartgallery.

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