Double, Double, Moore in Trouble Group Exhibition

Tin-aw Art Gallery
Somerset Olympia Makati
7912 Makati Ave., Urdaneta Village, , Makati
Metro Manila, Philippines

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About the Event

Moore's Law is a pattern and trajectory observed by Gordon Moore in 1965 with regards to the exponential growth in computer technology: that computer chips had been and would continue shrinking by half in size and cost every 18 – 24 months, packing more and more computing power and information in smaller and smaller devices, ultimately resulting in the ubiquity of computers in people's lives.

Double Double Moore Trouble

The advancements in technologies have greatly shaped the world people currently live in, and is strongly characterized by increased connectivity in the digital age: with present technology, people can create and sustain networks of social connections, obtain knowledge through greater access to information, and communicate to a broader audience through several platforms amidst obstacles such as geographic and language limitations, to name a few. The world has become much “smaller” and denser as a result. 49 artists explore how else have these capacities been affecting the personal, social, political, natural, and historical through an exhibition that mirrors the trend of computer microminiaturization through series of works within a 6 x 6 / 6 x 6 x 6 inch parameter.

Experts in the industry also estimate that Moore's Law will end in several years. What will happen within these years, and what's next?

Exhibiting artists are: Carlo Aranton, Moreen Austria, Renato Barja Jr., Mariao Batocabe, Pin Calacal, Raymond Carlos, Jef Carnay, Francis Commeyne, Marc Cosico, Noel Cuizon, Gary Custodio, Cian Dayrit x Veronica Lazo, Reynold Dela Cruz, Tracie Anglo-Dizon, Karen Ocampo Flores, Paola Germar, Lui Gonzales, Kat Grow, Eric Guazon, Gerecho Iniel, Is Jumalon, Sojung Lee, Lou Lim, Kurt Lluch, Noli Principe Manalang, Lotsu Manes, Chad Montero, Fitz Ocampo, Caroline Ongpin, Tracy Orozco, Neil Pasilan, Miguel Puyat, Pam Quinto, Therese Nicole Reyes, Paul Eric Roca, Kirby Roxas, Archie Ruga, Erik Sausa, Jun-Jun Sta. Ana, Adeo Sta. Juana, Jeremiah Tallent, Roderick Tijing, Julian Udine, Miguel Lorenzo Uy, Abril Valdemoro, Ricky Villabona, Anton Villaruel, Jezzel Wee.

The exhibition opens on November 9 and runs until November 30, 2019.

To view, visit Tin-aw Art Gallery at Upper Ground floor of Somerset Olympia Building, Makati Avenue. For inquiries, please contact the gallery landline at 7750-2596, email or visit the Instagram and Facebook @tinawartgallery.

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