The Garden by Maya Muñoz

Silverlens Gallery
Chino Roces Ext.
2263 Don Chino Roces Avenue Ext., , Makati
Metro Manila, Philippines

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About the Event

Silverlens is pleased to announce The Garden, Maya Muñoz’ third solo exhibition with the gallery. Spanning the gallery’s main space, the exhibition will present new paintings with neon garden and volcanic landscapes.

The Garden

Previous exhibitions in Silverlens are August (2010) and Rainbow’s End (2013). "A few nights ago, the phone rang. It was the local police busting my solitude. The police asked about my garden. My garden that went missing. I didn’t know my garden went missing. I didn’t know I had a garden. The police inquired about a thief. He said the thief is a brute. A beautiful brute. A creature who lures minds to gardens and volcanoes.

The police asked about my garden I did not know existed. I therefore did not know what answer was appropriate to the question. This made the police suspicious. A garden that lived in my head. A garden with an owl and a gorilla with anger issues and a foul mouth, who reads St. Augustine’s confessions over and over again and scribbles notes on the sidelines; each scribbled rerun in a different neon color resembling a layered rainbow.

A church, a bar, a bench on the sidewalk. A taciturn gorilla, a prostitute. A dark landscape and a garden with layered neon scribbles, long south road drives to get to a garden, a feral garden under a volcano… another long south road drive to get back to a garden under the shadow of concrete; a pilgrimage, a passage to satisfy a creature’s desire to collect stories and images for seeds to plant. Seeds of the everyday poems, seeds of survival and love, seeds of lilies and murder ballads."

The Garden by Maya Muñoz is on view from 26 October to 23 November 2019 alongside Dead Horse Bay by Pinky Ibarra Urmaza and Christina Quisumbing Ramilo at SILVERLENS, 2263 Don Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati City.

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