“The Lightness of Being” by Nap Limaten and “The Allure of Motion” by Katrina Cuenca

Galerie Joaquin
The Podium
12 ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, , Mandaluyong
Metro Manila, Philippines

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About the Event

Much of Nap Limaten’s art is an ode to the female psyche. As a result, his major thrust for his forthcoming one-man exhibit “The Lightness of Being” is to depict how much the female of the species has been an unparalleled source of inspiration for his art. The artist evokes the gentlest possible emotions from his sculpted female forms with just the slight bend of the head, arm or torso successfully depicting gracefulness of the figure while fully conveying a sense of utmost tenderness and affection.

The Allure Of Motion

Two elements are prominent in the artist’s work: the dichotomy between the actual weight of the material juxtaposed by the artist’s representation of its lightness through the composition of the figures themselves.  Limaten designs his sculptures robed with a sense of delicate elegance, glamor and sophistication.  They succeed in displaying an inherent refinement highlighted all the more by his chosen color for the sculptures themselves.

The artist has chosen rose gold for the majority of his works, a color that rose to iconic heights and prevalence in jewelry during the Victorian era. Interestingly, rose gold has ridden its popularity through today’s current contemporary setting.  Rose gold is in actuality a delicate mixture of classic yellow gold, silver and copper metals with the silver and copper elements combining to create its pinkish hue.  The artist’s preference of color to express his particular oeuvre only underscores his concern to explore nostalgic romanticism and finesse.

Nap Limaten (b. 1978) is a self-taught Filipino sculptor currently residing in the western part of the province of Rizal.  He started honing his craft in a small town in Benguet but his intuitive form-making prowess and great attention to detail brought him to the urbanity of Rizal province and Metro Manila where he continued to experiment with other materials and techniques.  Aside from metal and brass, Limaten is also skilled in sculpting wood, plaster of paris and wax. 

Simultaneous with the Limaten show and gracing the walls of the gallery would be Katrina Cuenca’s paintings for her own one-man exhibit, “The Allure of Motion”. For this exhibit, Katrina Cuenca produces abstract figures -- of fins, petals, or a cloth floating through the wind -- that are equally alluring and otherworldly. Gold emphasizes the artworks’ precious nature and enriches it with a refined connotation. Cuenca’s narrative in her artworks bears an affluence and elegance through her use of colors. Often, she employs the drifting portrayal and mystic fantastical characterization of her subjects for the audience to resume the narrative.

Cuenca attempts to capture what is arising in her creative mind: thoughts of romance, vivid memories, and abstracted dreams. These are stories that sometimes slowly or sometimes rapidly unfold on her canvases. To understand her direction will call for more than a passing glance. One may need to stop for a while, pause and observe closely, and to get out of the closed room of one’s perception, and engage; leading to understanding what she is trying to convey.

Nature is her muse for these luminous interpretations of air, water, earth and light. Creating imaginary figures that are seemingly suspended in air, merging the literal and the metaphorical, her paintings hover between pure abstraction and realistic landscapes. Katrina Cuenca’s works are a product of her unique imagination and understanding of reality around her. They are designed for the audience to behold and interpret in their own individual version of the beauty of nature.

With these attempts at manipulating dimensions, Katrina Cuenca commences from something that already exists but leads the viewers to see things in a brand new way. This is her expressed mission as an artist — to depict her invisible inner world into a tangible visible form.

“The Lightness of Being” by Nap Limaten and “The Allure of Motion” by Katrina Cuenca will be on view from August 14 to 23, 2019 with the Artist Reception scheduled for Thursday, August 15 at 6PM. The gallery is located on the 3rd level of The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City. For inquiries, contact Galerie Joaquin at (+63)2 6347954 or (+63)2 7239418 or email podium.galeriejoaquin@gmail.com.


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