Maxine Syjuco Unveils “My Inner Sanctum”

Art Lab
Ayala Alabang
327 Country Club Drive, Ayala Alabang Village, , Muntinlupa
Metro Manila, Philippines

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About the Event

Visual artist and poet Maxine Syjuco unveils her most intimate solo exhibition of the year in “My Inner Sanctum”. Inspired by the untamed passion of romance, dreams and desire, Maxine showcases dark and surreal paintings that explore the depths of human emotion and the subconscious mind.

My Inner Sanctum

Featuring faceless children whose heads have eerily metamorphosed into broken wings, torn-open chests that reveal the raw human heart, and ghostly rooms ravaged by violent streams of water, each painting in this exhibition is a twisted fairytale filled with poetic symbolisms and psychological poignancies.

Known to push the envelope by exhibiting her work in venues other than the conventional, Maxine’s “My Inner Sanctum” is no exception. “Art, to me, is more than just the final outcome,” she explains. “It’s an entire creative process that’s extremely personal. From the moment the work is conceptualized, to the point when it’s completed, the whole experience— including the environment in which it takes place— is as much a part of the work as the finished result. My goal, therefore, is to encapsulate the true intimacy of art as an experiential journey where the artist’s studio plays an integral role. In this exhibit, I open the doors of my studio and invite viewers into my inner sanctum both figuratively (because the pieces are confessional tapestries of my soul), and literally (because the venue is my own private studio where my restless imagination runs wild and free).”

A recipient of the Editor’s Choice Prize at the Magnum Photography Awards in London, U.K., and a winner of the Independent Music Awards in New York City, U.S.A. for 3 consecutive years, Maxine has exhibited and performed her art in numerous venues both locally and abroad. Pursuing her vision to broaden the audiences for art by seeking new ways of creating and presenting it, she unveils “My Inner Sanctum” this August 12.

“My Inner Sanctum” will be on view from 12 August to 15 September 2019 in ART LAB: Atelier Cesare and Jean Marie Syjuco. Interested parties may schedule visiting hours 24/7 by appointment via mobile +63917 534 0779, email, or visit

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