Eighteen Young Artists Headline ARTablado’s Figment Beyond Pigments Exhibit This June

You can catch the exhibit until June 30!

A group of young and talented artists have banded together to be part of Robinsons Land ARTablado’s newest exhibit entitled Figment Beyond Pigments featuring the wonderful artworks of eighteen (18) artists from Vice Versa namely Dhennis Abando, Joseph Abao, William Abao, Vicson Apostol, Carlos Alferez Castro, Edward De Castro, MJ Palma-Duquiatan, Jonathan Enad, Anthony Escueta, Jonathan Jalac, Anna Lumpas, William Macatangay, Cheyzer Manalo, Alexandra Monserrat, Medardo Olaco, Bernardo Oronos Jr., Ada Panopio, and Gab Villalobos.

“Lady with Anthurium” by Carlos Alferez Castro
“Silakbo” by Florna Panopio
“Magestic Dream” by Joseph Albao

Following ARTablado’s mission of giving hope and opportunities to Filipino artists to showcase their artistry the group’s passion and energy is best exemplified in the exhibit’s theme -“Pagsibol”, a Filipino term which means sprout, growth, spring, and connotes hope. 

Vice Versa is a newly-founded group of artists from Batangas that continuously shares their art through diverse medium in different places, proudly unveiling the finest talents of Batangas alongside its rich and affluent culture. 

Each piece from the Figment Beyond Pigments exhibit is about every artist’s story and inspiration —  their thoughts and ideas and how they are portrayed through mesmerizing colors in palettes and brush strokes.The exhibit will run from June 16 to June 30 at ARTablado Level 3 of Robinsons Galleria. For more updates, visit www.robinsonsmalls.com or like and follow ARTablado on Facebook and @artablado on Instagram.

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