Upgrade Your Touring Experience with ‘QRated: The CCP DIY Tour’

Here's how you can have a guided tour at the Cultural Center of the Philippines with just a few clicks on your phone!

We've got good news: you can now have a guided tour at the Cultural Center of the Philippines building for free, and your tour guide is right there in your pocket!

For 50 years and counting, the Cultural Center of the Philippines has been an institution that embodies the enrichment and development of the country's local arts and culture. And it is no surprise that the CCP building has become a place of wonders, housing works that are from notable and National Artists, as well as top-notch theaters that came down in the local arts' history.

Pitong Sining by Roberto Villanueva

With the launch of QRated: The CCP DIY Tour, walk-in visitors of the CCP can now learn more about the permanent display, exhibition spaces, performance venues, architectural details and more within its premises with just a few clicks from a smartphone! Using QR codes scattered within the CCP building, you just need a QR code reader on your phone and you're good to go! You can explore the building and discover what it has to offer in your own pace.

Black and White by Arturo Luz

To help you out, here is the step-by-step process on how to experience this modern take to guided tours from the CCP.


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1. Get your QRated brochure from the CCP's Bukaneg St. entrance.

2. Connect your phone to the Wifi QRated once inside.

3. Scan the code on the QRated banner beside the box office using your phone's QR code scanner (iPhones have built-in scanners on its camera app, while you can use apps like Google Lens on Android phones) and it will redirect you to the QRated website.

4. Sign up first, it's fast and easy! Take note that having an account for the tour will save your progress, so if you didn't get to finish the tour, you can still come back next time and you'll know just where you left off.

5. Start the tour! With the map provided in the QRated page, you can check out where the QR codes are and you can proceed to scanning it to learn more about the piece or space that it is assigned to!

All in all, there are currently 57 QR codes within the CCP that visitors can learn from. The colors of the QR codes also have meanings: yellow ones represent the visual art pieces; the pink ones are for the venues and exhibition spaces; while the green ones pertain to their shops and services.

QRated: The CCP DIY Tour is open from Tuesday through Sunday, 10AM to 6PM. When there are shows within the CCP, the tour is accessible until 9PM. It is completely free and open for the public.

For more information, visit the CCP website. You may also contact the Visual Arts and Museum Division, Production and Exhibition Department through these numbers: (632) 88321125, (632) 88323702, and (0917) 6033809, or email them through ccp.exhibits@gmail.com.

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