Visita Intramuros: Revisit History with The Manila Hotel’s New Tour

Here's a peek at The Manila Hotel's newest tour program, "Visita Intramuros," featuring the 107-year-old hotel and the Great Walls of Intramuros!

In celebration of the Philippines' 121st Independence Day, The Manila Hotel with the direction of Department of Tourism and Intramuros Administration launched Visita Intramuros which is a hop on tour program enabling hotel guests to experience the rich history of the Great Walls of Intramuros and the almost-107-year-old hotel. 

Starting from The Manila Hotel, here are the attractions you can look forward to from the tour:

The Presidential Suite, The Manila Hotel

The view from the Presidential Suite

Located at the topmost floor of the hotel, the Presidential Suite is their biggest room at 1,200sqm fit for nobility, royalty, diplomats and presidents from all over the world. It has three rooms – two guest rooms and one master bedroom. Each room also features a newly redesigned bathroom with Italian marble and a separate walk-in rain shower room.

Other than the chic interior design of the unit, it also has a superb view of the historic Walled City of Intramuros, the capital City of Manila and of the famed Manila Bay. Book your stay here for P600,000 (≈ 11,500usd) per night.

The MacArthur Suite, The Manila Hotel

Home of General Douglas MacArthur during his tenure as the Military Advisor to the Commonwealth Government of the Philippines from 1935-1941, the MacArthur Suite is decorated with rare paintings, photographs, Asian antiques and Filipino crafts. Book your stay here for P400,000 (≈ 7,600usd) per night. 

Champagne Room, The Manila Hotel

A favorite venue for elegant gatherings, the Champagne room embodies the Grand Dame's decades of tradition and devotion in providing guests with only the finest dining experience. It's known for its lavish decor including crystal palm trees, tasseled ceiling fixture and floral upholstered chairs to go with their sumptuous classical offerings. 

Fort Santiago
Entrance Fee: P100/person

One of the oldest fortifications in Manila built in 1571, it served as the main defense fortress during the Spanish colonization. Jose Rizal was imprisoned at the Fort while waiting for his execution and features bronze markers tracing the footsteps of Rizal from his cell to his execution site. 

Here are other attractions included in the tour, which can be found in the compound:

  • Museo de Intramuros
    The newly-opened museum that houses the collections of the Intramuros Administration
  • Baluarte de San Diego 
    Entrance Fee: P75/person
    Standing the test of time as a bulwark that defended not only its land but also the stories of the past. This historical concrete structure withstood cannon fires, earthquakes and the battle of Manila.
  • Casa Manila 
    Entrance Fee: P75/person
    A colonial lifestyle museum which features the domestic life of the upper class in the 19th Century Philippines. The three-story building is a replica of the house of Binondo merchant Don Severino Mendoza

Bahay Tsinoy
Entrance Fee: P100/person

It is a museum that documents the history, lives and contribution of the ethnic Chinese in the Philippines. Chinese ceramics from the 10th to the 17th centuries stand as a testament to the maritime trade between China and the Philippines. 

Destileria Limtuaco Museum
Entrance Fee: P100/person

Housed in an actual bahay na bato (house of stone), the museum features the oldest distillery in the country showing its visitors the actual process of making rum and whisky, from fermentation to bottling.

The tour package may be booked with the concierge department of The Manila Hotel. Tour prices start from P2,250 with three options to choose from: vehicle with driver (P2,550/Grandia; P2,350/Innova; P2,250/Siklesa*), vehicle with driver and guide (P4,150/Grandia; P3,950/Innova; P3,850/Siklesa) and vehicle with driver, guide and an all-in-pass (P8,775/Grandia; P6,275/Innova; P6,175/Siklesa).

*The Siklesa is a motor-drawn kalesa with a design inspired by Philippine heritage, with contemporary technology added in for a smooth ride outdoors.

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