Metro Gallery Sets Anniversary Show

'17x17@17' opens on November 29 and will run up to December 17, 2008.

The art gallery as an institution in Philippine history has yet to make past a half-century in local presence. But its current indispensable position in the local art industry often makes us unaware that it took a few decades since the 60’s for the modern art gallery as we know it to exist as it is vis-à-vis the contemporary art scene.

In the midst of the perceptible recent boom of up-and-coming galleries, a one-floor art space is celebrating its 17 years in the scene, in a quiet corner in San Juan City where works of top Filipino artists – from masters to firebrands – are exhibited and exchanged in the most personal and discreet, transactions.

The Metro Gallery is making its mark as a home gallery of the broadest spectrum of local artists. Its biggest project of the year is an exhibition titled “17 x 17 @ 17” and gathers close to a hundred works of more than 60 Filipino best talents.

“17 x 17 @ 17”, constitutes in itself a narrative of its own: it tells, by way of representative works, the progression of artistic interests and styles from the late modern period of Philippine art, and its various diverse branches in contemporary art. By way of this diverse showcase, the gallery projects itself into the future, expanding its scope of artistic interests to a younger generation.


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