Atang: Isang Dulang May Musika

A play that explores the story of a woman who is the epitome of womanhood.

In 1987, President Corazon Aquino conferred the National Artist Award for Music and Theatre to Honorata “Atang” Dela Rama, wife of labor union leader and also a National Artist awardee (for literature) Amado V. Hernandez. At that time, a rising movie star, Gia Almonte was pegged to portray the life story of Ka Atang. Unfortunately, the movie did not make it on the big screen because Atang refused the idea of her life in the big screen. In an interview on Atang, she mentioned that the idea of a film may just distort, deflect, and glamorize events which she knows to be life’s mysteries. Atang did not compromise herself to be “momentarily” remembered through the film media. But who is Gia Almonte? Was there a film project on Atang Dela Rama during the time she was mythified as a National Artist?

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