ArtAblado’s ‘Bangon Ako, Ikaw, Tayo’ Exhibit Spotlights Four Rizaleño Artists

The exhibit dubbed aims to inspire people to get up, work together and reach for their dreams.

The eastern side of the metropolis, more popularly known as Rizal province, is considered the Art Capital of the Philippines.  This October, Robinsons Land’s ArtAblado will have the honor and opportunity to host 4 talented male artists who hail from this province. The group calls themselves B.R.A.D, which stands for their first names – Brando Limon Bati, Rico Aunzo (also known as Pedrong Masipag), Adler Llagas and Daniel Dumaguit.  Their works will be on exhibit from October 16 to 31 at ARTablado, located at the 3rd Level of Robinsons Galleria.

The exhibit dubbed as “Bangon Ako, Ikaw, Tayo” aims to inspire people to get up, work together and reach for their dreams.

Touch the Sky by Rico Aunzo
Sierra Madre Mountains by Adler Llagas
Magnificent from South by Daniel Dumaguit
Brando Limon Bati Red Bamboo

“This pandemic changed the way we live our lives. Some even lost their jobs or worst, their loved ones. Through this exhibit, we want to remind our fellow Filipinos that we have a choice to get up and continue to live our lives,” shared Rico Aunzo.

“As artists, we tried to look for inspiration, to see the color and beauty around us and we are grateful that ARTablado gave us the opportunity to showcase the artworks that we were able to create during this pandemic,” added Aunzo.

Robinsons Land ARTablado remains steadfast in supporting and promoting Filipino artistry and is on the lookout for possible collaboration.


Visit ‘Bangon Ako, Ikaw, Tayo’ exhibit at ARTablado Level 3, Robinsons Galleria.  For more updates, follow ARTablado on Facebook and @artablado on Instagram.

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