ARTablado’s ‘Sinag ng Sining’ Exhibit Brings Us a Ray of Art During this Pandemic

The exhibit represents the persistence and passion of the 5 artists who, despite being faced with the “new normal” took comfort in their artistry.

Five well-renowned masters Al Perez, Pancho Piano, Ral Arrogante, Gari Carreon, and Rhea Jai Fernandez take center stage in Artablado till October 15 at the 3rd level of Robinsons Galleria.  The exhibit entitled “Sinag ng Sining” (Ray of Art) is a compilation of 48 paintings and sculptures which best represent the persistence and passion of the 5 artists who, despite being faced with the “new normal” took comfort in their artistry. 

Tiktak by Gari Carreon

“Through this exhibit, we want the future generations to know that even during a  pandemic, when the world seems to shift and change in new frightening ways, every single day, artists like us seek solace in the arts,” said Rhea Jai Fernandez, one of the featured artists. “It helps us to express gratitude and put things in perspective during difficult times,” she added.

Robinsons ARTablado remains true to its mission to give hope and opportunities to Filipino artists by opening its stage to talented artists who want to exhibit their works despite the pandemic.  

For more updates, follow ARTablado on Facebook and @artablado on Instagram.

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