Babae - A moving exhibition by Goldie Poblador

“Babae” is an interactive installation involving scent and taste. The main component of this piece are 25 shot glasses that are shaped like the female reproductive organs in honor of the liberated and sensual feminine. Focusing on the body, particularly women and women identifying bodies, this project is a celebration of the many layers of the woman, particularly the immigrant woman. 

Goldie Poblador

Did you know? 

What you smell influences what you taste. Scents in the air stimulate brain receptors that affect how we perceive the taste of food and drink. 

For the third leg of this moving exhibition entitled “Babae” , Goldieland Studio has teamed up with The Curator’s award winning mixologists in order to create a unique drink experience. 

Each drink is inspired by the color and particular shape of the limited edition Barbae glass collection. The experience is curated by 1x, an independent curator of new media and contemporary exhibitions. The piece will engage with locals and art practitioners with an artist talk at 7 pm. The drinks will be available for ordering at 8 pm. 

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