IN PHOTOS: 6 New Murals in BGC and Where To Find Them

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Aside from its towering buildings, shopping centers, and the many food places you can always try in the area, Bonifacio Global City is also famous for the many art pieces scattered in the neighborhood, changing every now and then to give people a new and unique visual experience whenever they pass by the streets. 

As part of the upcoming BGC Arts Center Festival - a three-day event showcasing both the visual and performing arts - the Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc. (BAFI) also unveiled a new set of murals you can check out the next time you find yourselves in the area. Following the theme Champions of Passion: Soulful Feats of Art, these pieces by local and foreign artists serve as the reflections of their own passions. 

Here are all 6 murals and where in BGC you can spot them: 

1. Beyond Borders, Peaceful Voyage

Created by: Younggyun, Nam, Siyeong, Sunil, Auggie, Bunga, Bows, Haha, Perol, Pesey, Ariff, Cyrus, Zero, Miguel, and Nemo

Located at: 26th Street cor. 5th Avenue

Beyond Borders, Peaceful Voyage

Done with the support of the Korean Cultural Center, this piece is also a collaboration between artists from 11 ASEAN countries. It features a traditional Korean shelf called chaekgado which carries symbols from the different countries involved, symbolizing the merging and friendship between them. Make sure to try and spot which items represent which when you finally get to visit it! 


2. For the People: Gates of Paradise

Created by: Palimpsest

Located at: BGC Bus Depot

For the People: Gates of Paradise
For the People: Gates of Paradise

This piece made by Palimpsest can be found where the BGC buses go to sleep at night. The mural features a mechanized caterpillar carrying a city on top of it, symbolizing how technology - with its continuous innovation and development - helps the society move forward and be more successful in the coming years. It's also inspired by fils like Wall-E, Snowpiercer, and Hayao Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle. Plus points if you spot the famous character Totoro! 


3. Tree House

Created by: Jerson Samson and Janica Rina, assisted by Chris Andujar Villegas and Jaypee Samson

Located at: Bonifacio High Street B2 Portal

Tree House
Tree House

The next time you visit High Street's B2, make sure to look up to spot Jerson Samson and jania Rina's Tree House. The mural is basically Samson's vision to build house on top of trees - just like our childhood's dream tree houses - which is also is response to the overcrowding brought about by urbanization. While you could always marvel at their piece from afar, we also recommend looking at it closer, into the details, as they made sure that every tree house carries a different story! 


4. The Way Home

Created by: Solana L. Perez

Located at: One Parkade Building

The Way Home
1/3 of The Way Home

The Way Home is a series of 3 murals showing Solana's feelings of sentimentality, homesickness, and longing to go back to her childhood home. Having grown up in Baguio, her art features images that represent her home - from the horses, the allusions to the Cordillera to the lingling o (Igorot ear pendant), and even the motif of a centipede you'd usually see in their traditional tattoos. 


5. Dating Tagpuan 

Created by: John Paul Antido

Located at: C3 Annex, Bonifacio High Street Central (30th St. cor. 7th Avenue)

Dating Tagpuan
Dating Tagpuan 

This particular mural by artists from Antipolo is different from the others as it's painted on two adjacent walls. It represents the old meeting place where people would meet with each other to exchange their ideas, way before there were tall concrete buildings. Having been painted on a joining wall, anyone who'd walk by would have the impression of the man and the woman eventually meeting each other. 


6. Kapit Kamay

Created by: Biskeg Pangasinan Artist Collective

Located at: C3 Annex, Bonifacio High Street Central (30th St. cor. 7th Avenue)

Kapit Kamay
Kapit Kamay

Kapit Kamay shows one person helping another, bridging the gap and sharing the knowledge from one generation to another. Through this mural, the Biskeg Artist Collective hopes to not only pass their message across to anyone who sees it, but also promote the Pangasinense's artistry and culture, especially through the elements (the fishes and the water) they included in their piece. 



Excited to see these murals in person? Make sure to tag the artists and use the hashtag #ArtBGC2017 whenever you post about them on your social media pages! 



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