Tribute to National Artist Ramon Obusan on "Art 2 Art"

The art-and-culture radio program "Art 2 Art," pays tribute to the late National Artist for Dance Ramon Obusan in its episode airing on June 24, Sunday, 3 p.m. on DZRH. Program host Lisa Macuja interviews Marciano Viri and Raul Nepomuceno, dance directors of the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group, which Obusan founded and nurtured to become an internationally acclaimed dance troupe now celebrating its 35th anniversary.

Viri and Nepomuceno recall that while their mentor was strict, he was also extremely generous in imparting his knowledge, thus helping to mold the ranks of ROFG to become disciplined and highly skilled dancers. They also share how the ROFG has been continuing the legacy of Obusan in preserving the Philippines' rich tapestry of indigenous folk dances and showcasing these to the public.

The weekly "Art 2 Art" features an interesting line-up of guests from various disciplines like music, dance, literature, visual arts, film and design, as well as keepers of indigenous culture and traditional arts.

Every month, the program devotes an episode to the country's National Artists as its way of honoring the artistic pillars who have made the most significant contributions to their respective fields. On previous shows, Macuja has interviewed Eddie Romero (National Artist for Film); Virgilio Almario (Literature) and Salvador Bernal (Production Design).

Macuja notes that it is the mission of "Art 2 Art" to present positive role models for the Filipino youth – "Real-life models who have devoted their lives to perfecting their craft and offering this as their unique contribution to their countrymen. We want to help reawaken the Filipino's high regard for values like perseverance, courage, hard work, dedication and the pursuit of excellence, especially among our young," says Macuja.

"Art 2 Art" is produced by the Manila Broadcasting Company.

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