House of Polvoron Continues To Delight Dessert Lovers

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House of Polvoron (HOP) is the maker of the best tasting, most delicious polvoron.HOP distinguishes itself from other polvoron makers since it is the first and only polvoron making specialist in the Philippines. HOP uses only the freshes and finest ingredients in its polvoron. HOP also uses unique and eye-catching product packaging that is sure to attract any dessert lover.

MOTZ FOOD PRODUCTS (MFP) has been making the best tasting polvoron since 1988. The company currently holds office and houses its production in Sucat, Muntinlupa City.

From its humble beginnings, its original 2-man staff organization has grown significantly through the years. It now provides employment and accommodation for some 30 stay-in, able men and women.

In 18 years of operation, Motz Food Products has increased its consumer base and is gradually gaining recognition for its great tasting polvoron in both domestic and international markets. In its effort to gain ground in the high competitive snack food market, the company sought the assistance of DOST to develop new packaging for MFP. Subsequent to this, MFP launched its branded polvoron line, House of Polvoron (HOP) in 2002.

In March of 2003 the first House of Polvoron mall outlet opened in SM Megamall. At present, House of Polvoron has 2 mall branches in SM Megamall and Glorietta 4’s Food Choices. HOP is also an active participant in local food trade fairs and expos. It continues to develop new ways of delivering its polvoron to the public. In 2004, the company introduced its new cookies and cream flavor as well as the all time favorite, chocolate coated polvoron. HOP also introduce the first bite-size polvoron in the market, conveniently name ‘HOP Mini(s)’.

In March 2005, MFP launched its new logo under the new name HOP by House of Polvoron, and new product packaging. HOP is the first in the market to use dispenser box and pouch in polvoron. This packaging innovation was nominated for Trendy Award by the International Food Exposition (IFEX 2005).

MFP takes pride in its unique and delectable taste of its polvoron products. To ensure that the best quality of their polvoron, it uses only all natural ingredients. HOP does not use artificial colors and flavors. Each raw material used is carefully selected and cooked to perfection to guarantee customer satisfaction. HOP is the only polvoron specialist in the country today. It offers a wide range of polvoron variants. No other retail outlet exclusively sells polvoron like HOP. It strives to continuously deliver the best tasting polvoron to its customers.
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