Belo Medical Centers: first ambulatory surgical unit for cosmetic dermatology

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Fifteen years and still going strong, the Belo Medical Group has yet another first under its belt. The Belo Medical Centers are the first ambulatory surgical units for cosmetic dermatology to be approved by the Philippine Department of Health.

Ambulatory what?

For non-medical readers out there, an ambulatory surgical unit is an operating room that is not connected to a hospital. Since the operating room can stand on its own, all procedures performed within can be out-patient procedures.

Why is this so important to Belo? First of all, the Belo Medical Group sought approval from the Department of Health last 2004, on a purely voluntary basis. It goes to show the group’s confidence in their facilities, as they had to submit papers, undergo on-site inspections, and pass rigid standards to receive accreditation. Not only that, but DOH representatives had to check their facilities, observe procedures, as well as review patient charts, logbooks, and other materials. Doctors’ qualifications were also assessed as part of the accreditation.

Sounds overwhelming? Yes. But one can be even more assured and confident that the medical care he/she receives from any of the Belo Medical Centers is of utmost excellence. As of now, the Belo Medical Group is the only one accredited for cosmetic dermatology although the DOH is not making accreditation a requirement.

Makes a difference, doesn’t it?

For inquiries, please call the Belo Medical Group’s helpdesk at 844-2939 or e-mail us at
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