Monde Nissin Offers the Perfect Pasalubong for the Pusong Mamon

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Filipinos, more than anything, are known for their love of gift giving and thoughtfulness. Those who have been away for a period of time are always ready with a pasalubong at hand. Pasalubong is the Filipino tradition of a homecoming gift, which comes from the concept of pagsalubong or the act of welcoming home a family member, a loved one, or a friend.

Monde Nissin makes Filipino traditions like the pagsalubong even more valuable with the delicious and affordable Monde Special Mamon, the perfect Filipino pasalubong. Available in Classic and Mocha flavors and made from real fresh eggs and imported wheat flour and milk, each uniquely Pinoy creation is fluffy, moist and light, with just the right amount of sweetness that makes it the ideal everyday snack or treat.

“Filipinos have naturally compassionate hearts, or pusong mamon. We’re known for being very caring and nurturing, we are very friendly and expressive, and we value, above all, our families,” says Monde Special Mamon Brand Associate Marla Buencamino. “That’s why welcoming long-time friends or relatives back home, or even just the simple act of bringing home pasalubong to our family is a meaningful tradition for us.”

Many Filipinos would remember such childhood memories when they would anticipate their parents coming home, armed with their pasalubong for the rest of the family. “The pasalubong has become a symbol of thoughtfulness,” says Buencamino. “And whether it’s a souvenir from abroad or a simple treat to be eaten for merienda, to Filipinos, receiving it is always special.”

Most importantly, she says, it is a wonderful way of sharing an experience. “Bringing home something new for your family to try, or even a local favorite, is the Filipino’s way of letting you have a taste of what he has enjoyed while he was away,” she explains.

Truly, special items such as Monde Special Mamon make the Filipino family tradition of pagsalubong a whole lot more special. “This delicious chiffon cake—which when one thinks about it, seems to be roughly the size of our heart—is probably one of the most apt representations of our unique mold as a people: toughness that results from years of hard work and sacrifice, balanced with a natural tendency to demonstrate affection and care for the people we love—in short, pusong mamon. And this is what makes it the ultimate pasalubong for every Filipino family.”

Get a dozen Monde Special Mamon Classic in a specially designed Gift Box available in select supermarkets.
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