Biokips Seals the Deal in Freshness for Food Containers

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The great philosopher Hippocrates once said that “food is medicine”, but it can also be a source of illness when not handled properly or exposed to contamination. This is why people should put as much effort into proper food storage in order to prevent spoilage and keep it fresh longer.

One of the most trusted brands for food storage containers in Europe is Biokips, which is now available in the Philippines under exclusive distributorship by Atlas Home Products, Inc. under its Home Gallery brand. Biokips offers a wide range of food containers that are redefining the way consumers are viewing the typical plastic ware, using ingenious home solutions that are not only efficient, but also environmentally-friendly.

Developed by innovative technology, Biokips’ main advantage is its anti-bacterial property that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria. With the promise of being 100% airtight, the decay of food is prevented while having a deodorization function that suppresses the proliferation of germs and removes foul odor.

According to Kendrick Ngo of Atlas Home Products, Biokips’ pioneering design has in fact earned the brand a prestigious “Red Dot Design Award” in 2004. This international design prize held in Germany is granted to outstanding design products after evaluation by world-leading designers, with a prestige comparable to the Nobel prize in the design world.

“Biokips is the first food container product to offer a hidden coupling structure for its locking mechanism, which prevents the permeation of foreign substances,” Mr. Ngo explained. “This packing made from silicon locks on all sides of the container evenly to be leak-proof and ensure 100% sealing. Aside from that, all Biokips products are made from non-polluted materials which make it eco-friendly. That is why the brand is popular across Europe like in Britain and Germany.”

Without the protrusion on the side of the lid, cleaning gets easier, he added. This inventive straight cut design prevents dirt and bacteria to get stuck on the protrusion. The four-way locking system also prevents the evaporation of moisture, to keep food fresh and in the best condition, made possible by CEM Bio technology.

The eco-friendly advantage of Biokips is also highlighted by the fact that the materials are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States . Biokips products are made from pure, non-hazardous materials, and are free from environmental hormones like dioxin, which is one of the main causes of global warming.

“Our core philosophy is actually summed up by our company name, Biokips. 'Bio' means life while 'kips' is an Estonian term that refers to minerals. Biokips products are made from biodegradable plastics,” Mr. Ngo noted.

Biokips’ wide range of food storage products include sealed boxes in square, round, and rectangular shapes with assorted sizes from 180 ml to 11.5 liters; cereal container, box with separator, box with draining plate, Bioglass, and insulated food bags. This state-of-the-art, new generation products are also available in trendy designs and colors to suit the taste of consumers. The insulated food bags are even designed for versatile outdoor use and offers enough thickness to ensure that contents will be kept either warm or cold for around six to eight hours.

These products are ergonomically designed and modular, which promotes a space saving system in your cabinet or refrigerator. Practical and versatile, Biokips can be used from the refrigerator to the microwave, or from the table to the dishwasher. Its promise of durability is likewise noteworthy. Biokips is temperature resistant from -40 degrees Celsius to +110 degrees Celsius or -40 degrees Fahrenheit to +230 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Biokips maintains only one factory in Korea to ensure consistency of its products,” revealed Mr. Ngo. “All technicians and engineers are housed in that plant so that they can ensure that the products are made in a hygienic environment, using advanced technology while under their monitoring. That maintains the highest quality standard of our products for our valued customers.”

Biokips is available in SM and all leading department stores and supermarkets.
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