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If you happen to pass by this cutesy pink store in a small area in SM Megamall on a weekend, you might be surprised by the multitude of women – young and old alike who are stuffing their baskets with what I think, are the best beauty products around. If you aren’t a fan yet, get ready to step inside Etude House.

Welcome, Princess! Etude House offers a myriad of effective beauty options at reasonable prices.

Being a beauty junkie, rather, a beauty products junkie, I have the tendency to hoard products like crazy. Aside from being bad for my wallet, buying products on impulse have led to some disappointments here and there which is why I was hesitant to check out Etude House – a popular Korean cosmetics company; the first time I saw it in Shilin in Taipei.

Practically screaming with cuteness due to its pink décor, Etude House simply stands out even when put in a rather quiet location in SM Megamall Bldg. A. You can say that I wasn’t able to resist it this time around and after four trips in just a couple of months, I have absolutely no regrets.

Play up your eyes with Etude House’s lineup of various eye makeup.

In spite of the relatively small size of Etude House’s first branch in the Philippines, it has managed to quickly gain a loyal following especially among the youth who seem to be hoarding Etude House products. This is why when you spot something you like, buy it before it suddenly goes out of stock. It may take a few weeks or a month – at least in my experience, before they’ll have it back in the shop, only to quickly disappear again.

This summer, paint your nails with fun colors from Etude House’s lineup of nail polish. (Prices range from P48 up)

Aside from the charming displays and myriad of beauty products and accessories that can excite any beauty junkie, what makes Etude House a hit especially among Filipinos is its affordability wherein the old adage, “good value for money” definitely applies. Aside from being very affordable, Etude House products are also equally – very effective and offers a fun approach to taking care of one’s skin.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with Etude House Philippines president, Andrea Amado who talked about the latest additions to Etude House’s product lineup this summer and got her recommendations on the best products to use this season.

Stay fresh all-day long with these citrus-based MiniMe (Ms. Cutie and Ms. Hot) scents.

Currently, local branches of Etude House already carries more than 700 products and the bulk of it is made up of skincare and makeup products which continues to enjoy good response from Filipinas.


Some of the store’s bestsellers are from the AC Clinic, Blackheads Off and Sun Guard line of products

I was surprised to find out that Etude House’s bestselling items here are from the AC Clinic and Black Head Off product lines. I really thought it was from the various makeup lines as certain items (like the Styling Eye Liner) gets sold out quickly. According to Andrea this is because of our country’s hot weather, as people are more prone to blackhead and pimple problems.

BB Creams galore – make sure to find out first which type of BB Cream is best suited for your skin type in order to enjoy its promised results. (Prices range from P548 up)

Aside from these, Etude House’s famous BB Cream is also selling very well. Also called as “blemish balm”, BB creams were first used to treat burn victims in Korea and due to its effectiveness Korean makeup companies eventually started manufacturing their own version of the popular cream.

Etude House’s BB creams are favored by many because of delivering its promised results in spite of being a lot more affordable than other BB creams out there. It offers a one-step solution for a lot of your skincare concerns. It acts as a tinted moisturizer, anti-inflammatory cream, anti-wrinkle cream, anti-pigmentation cream and even has SPF. For BB Cream first-timers, do take note that this product is not meant to be used as a foundation, just put it on spots that you need coverage and you’re done.

Perfect for Summer

For summer, it’s a must for everyone to use sunblock especially this summer season as the temperature seems to be getting hotter every day. For this, Andrea recommends Etude House’s Sun Guard line, which is available in Perfect Proof (waterproof), White Aqua Sun (whitening), Glow Based, Aqua Drop (extra moisture), and Super Aqua (for daily use).

Before hitting the beach, make sure to slather on Etude House’s Sun Guard sunblock to help shield your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. (Prices range from P298 to P448)

To keep you face well moisturized in spite of the intense summer heat, Etude House also has the Aqua Sherbet Mist (P328), a quick way to freshen up especially when you’re out and about. However, I prefer to use the Moistfull Mist (P348) because it’s better suited for people with dry skin like me.

Etude’s Moistfull line is the perfect beauty solution for people with dry skin. Make sure to try out the Moistfull Mist (P348) and the Moistfull Collagen Balm (P898).

If you’ve been foolish enough to not protect your skin with enough sunblock – especially at the beach, make sure that you were able to pack Etude House’s Aqua Sherbet Aloe Soothing Gel (P398) to help soothe your damaged skin. New! New! New!

Now that your skin is well-moisturized and protected to withstand the summer sun, it’s time to brighten up your look with fun colors from Etude House’s LuciDarling Fantastic Rouge lineup – one of the product lines that the store will be launching this summer. While the bestselling Peach Water Gloss line gives a more subdued look, the LuciDarling line of lip products has bright colors giving a more vibrant look to one’s lips.

Keep your lips well moisturized with Etude House’s great line of lip products.

Peach Water Gloss

Another new product to watch out for this summer is Etude House’s Dr. Lash (P998), which can help anyone develop longer, fuller lashes permanently.

Dr. Lash

Having recently opened the second Etude House branch in the Philippines (located in Festival Mall, Alabang) and another one on the way, there are certainly a lot of exciting things to look forward to from this popular Korean import especially in the coming months. Andrea shares that they will also start introducing new freebies every month – yes, cute Etude House freebies are here to stay; that varies from product samples, bags, pens, diaries etc. giving you more reasons to stock up on Etude House products.

Etude House branches are located at the Upper Ground Floor of SM Megamall Bldg A and at Festival Mall, Alabang.

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